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Talkandpolitcs…… Sestak to the wolfs…..

The hoards were on him at capitol hill steps just now, shown on Ratigan/Spitzer MSNBC.

But for a rookie senator candidate – he did great. Kept calm and repeated the simple answers. This seems largely like a non-story, as a job-offer really is neither a threat or a bribe. The new RandPaul interviews on Russian Tv could probably spin more…..


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Sestak….On many fronts…..and……..Bill Clinton is back…..

Rep. Joe Sestak, D-Pa. was not interested in the job Bill Clinton had to offer.

Whew EEEeeeeee!

Joe Sestak is back with a BANG!

They guy runs his mouth complaining about business as usual…..

Giving the media a bite…

The clams up….

Now has to sing his song…..

Point of Fact……Politicians get offered shit all the time…

Ask Steve Israel in New York…who dropped out running against Kirsten Gillibrand…..

On top of this he WON the Seat!

Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.) confirmed on the steps of the Capitol on Friday that former President Bill Clinton did call him last summer about a “presidential board” appointment if he didn’t jump into the Senate Democratic primary versus new Democratic Sen. Arlen Specter (Pa.).

Sestak told reporters that had not previously brought up Clinton’s involvement when alleging that he was offered a job by the White House because he “honestly didn’t feel that it was right” to bring the former president into it.

“President Clinton had called me last summer” at the urging of Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel, Sestak said. “I just didn’t feel it was right for me to talk about that conversation.”

“During the conversation he talked about how tough the primary might be if I got in,” Sestak said, adding that Clinton had told the retired vice admiral that his military background could be of use.

“I almost interrupted the president and said I am going to decide to get in this or not depending only on what’s good for Pennsylvania working famlies, not on an offer,” the congressman said, later gesturing toward the Senate and declaring, “I’m hoping to go right over there and work very well with people.”

Oh, yea….

Joe Sestak is now running ahead of Toomey in the Pennsylvania Senate race….

Guess they all know who he is in that state, Huh?

A new DailyKos/Research 2000 poll in Pennsylvania finds Rep. Joe Sestak (D) leading Pat Toomey (R) in the U.S. Senate race, 43% to 40%.

A similar poll earlier this month had Toomey leading by five points.

Meanwhile, The Fix tries to argue that the controversy about Sestak being offered a job to leave his Senate primary was a “momentum killer.”

Chris…….. I’ll betcha your wrong buddy…..If I win you gotta list the Dog on your site….If I lose…Well…….He, he, he…You’re already listed on my site!

Last but not least…..

William Jefferson Clinton never really left the Spot light…Did he?

He gets a play in this and……

A composite image of Bill Clinton and President Obama. | AP Photo

[ Bill Clinton is a fixture on cable news, Republicans are calling for a special prosecutor. It feels like 1997—but it’s 2010. And Barack Obama can’t be happy. ]

Bill Clinton’s picture is again a fixture on cable news.

Republicans are sternly demanding a special prosecutor.

And legal commentators are bickering over the finer points of federal criminal statutes on bribery and graft.

It feels like 1997—but it’s 2010. And Barack Obama can’t be happy.

The White House’s confirmation Friday that it enlisted former President Bill Clinton in an effort to get Rep. Joe Sestak out of the Pennsylvania Senate primary has sent the regular players in Washington’s scandal industry to their battle stations – to pick over the very sort of insider special dealing that Obama had promised to make a thing of the past.

“That’s not the image he wants to project right now with all the things that are going on,” said Mark Rozell, a George Mason University professor who has written at length on the Clinton-era scandals.

The use of Clinton as the conduit to offer Sestak an advisory board position is like catnip for cable television and for Republicans who have plenty of experience painting the former president as ethically challenged.

Prediction.…..If the Sestak story has legs…..don’t stand too close to Rahm Emuanel…..He’s the one they are going to reach for and throw under the bus…..You heard it here first……President’s don’t get thrown…They have Secret Service protection….

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Talkandpolitics…..Specter: The Aftermath…

D-PA Sen. Arlen Specter escorted his primary rival and last weeks winner Joe Sestak to a Democratic lunch today, where he met Harry Reid and a few other senators for the first time.

A little gesture from Ole’ Arlen.



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Joe Sestak……A little info……

Here’s some information on the man who beat Ole’ Arlen in Pennsylvania……..

Joseph A. “Joe” Sestak, Jr……

When Rep. Joe Sestak (D-Pa.), the Navy admiral-turned-congressman, defeated 30-year incumbent Arlen Specter in Pennsylvania’s Democratic Senate primary Tuesday night, it was the second time in his short political career that he had knocked out a better-known incumbent. Four years earlier, Sestak bested Rep. Curt Weldon, beating the Republican incumbent by nearly 13 points to take the seat representing Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional district in Congress.

In his three years on Capitol Hill, Sestak has offset his 31-year military career with an aggressively liberal voting record, supporting the Democratic House leadership on most votes and endorsing nearly all of the White House’s top priorities. Sestak voted for President Obama’s health care bill, the Troubled Asset Relief Program, and the energy bill that included a cap-and-trade mechanism to reduce carbon emissions. He also established himself as pro-choice, with a 100 percent rating from NARAL Pro-Choice America, pro-gun control, and pro-labor, sponsoring the Employee Free Choice Act.

One of eight children of a Navy captain in Pennsylvania, Sestak finished second in his class at the U.S. Naval Academy. He also earned a Ph.D in political economy from Harvard and capped his Naval career with a second star and the command of an aircraft carrier battle group in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sestak also served in the Clinton White House as the Director for Defense Policy on the National Security Council…….


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