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Kate Gosselin is back with the Kids in Kate Plus 8…..TLC gets good ratings……

Happy 6th Birthday!

The Dog always said the woman can make money….

And she can…..

Kate returns with the kids! In these two one-hour specials, join Kate and the kids on new adventures – from activities at home to exciting field trips, experience all the fun with the family. The first special will go along on an exciting surprise trip to celebrate the sextuplets’ 6th birthday! Tune in for all new episodes of Kate Plus Eight on Sunday, June 6 @ 9/8C.

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Is Jon and Kate Plus 8 over?…….nah!….not yet!

This is the latest today……..TLC is trying to get the last drop out the couple, and their children….

Kate Gosselin is being filmed solo ( what about the bodyguard? )……in additon, the cable channel will go back, and splice togther footage they had ‘in the can’ of their family…which should give them a few more shows……..

Finally……Kate is working on two projects of her own that most probably get her a show……and Jon is still under contract to TLC…….

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