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The economy grows when the government spends money — period. Infrastructure projects are good for short term employment and the long term health of our nation’s transportation system. Republicans find deficits only when Democrats are in the White House. How many hot checks did GWB write throughout his long, long eight years in the White House — for wars of choice and unfunded medicare beneftis (just to mention a few) without a peep from the Republicans here.

It is tough to hold sensible political discussions with folks who believe “everyone in Cambridge hates the cops” or who say things like “politics ain’t fair.” In fact, it is impossible. Actually that may be one of the reason why we have the current crop of insane folks running the House of Representatives. People are just too myopic to see that forest as they look for those radioactive grains of sand in the desert, and would rather vote their sillly prejudices than vote for the greater good (wouldn’t want to give the other guy an advantage — especially the black boy in the White House). If the Speaker wants to play chicken with the world economy in an attempt to get back the White House when a worldwide recession starts –then so be it.


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