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From out in left field….How about a poll pitting Harold Ford Jr. against Kristen Gilibrand????

Seems a guy in New York got polled about Harold Ford Jr. running against Kristen Gilibrand  in the primary for the democratic New York Senate seat…..yea!…how about that??

Last time I heard Harold Ford Jr. was doing his thing in Tennesse…..

Here’s the link to thealbanyproject.com story…….

I wonder if someone is putting these guys on?……

Ah….I’ve done some checking around…..it might interest everyone to know two things …First of all, Ford’s wife is a New York public relations person for Carolina Herrara…Second, Ford is currently a visiting professor at New York University these days…..now I’d be willing to bet, he and his wife have diggs in New York City…making him a New Yorker these days…..well I’be darned…..now that would be a hell of race, huh?

Note: Carolyn McCarthy has come for Gilibrand …ONLY  IF SHE WINS THE DEMOCARTIC PRIMARY FOR SENATOR……does McCarthy know something we all don’t?

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The New York Daily News got ahead of itself on Rudy yesterday…..

Yesterday the New York Daily News breathlessly pushed a story that Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani would not run for Governor of New York, but would run for the US Senate from New York…challenging sitting Senator Kristen Gillibrand……

Well, the story was only half right actually…..

Rudy’s handler’s have come out strong backing the no governor run…..But have denied that Rudy has made any decision on the senate race…..If fact, to a tee everyone that knows Rudy doubts very much that he run for the senate, since Rudy is more of an executive type who “run’s things” these days…..

Ah, let me remind people…the last few races Rudy ‘ran’….Resulted in him quitting the races before they finished…..

This one probably won’t even get started…..

But the democrats , and Kristen Gillibrand in particular are going to be happy with the Rudy and the NY Daily News…..because over the last two days her fund-raising totals have to have doubled or tripled……

Note:…. The NY Daily News is posting the story today as…..’Rudy Giuliani doesn\’t need to run for senator – the former NYC mayor already has money and influence’….that’s not what they said yesterady…..

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