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From Nate Silver over @ FiveThirtyEight….Is 56 is the New 60?

FiveThirtyEight: Politics Done Right

Fom Nate Silver over @ FiveThirtyEigtht……..

The Senate’s vote this afternoon to end a filibuster on Harry Reid’s scaled-down jobs bill, which passed with not one but five different Republican votes (Scott Brown of Massachusetts; Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine, and the retiring Kit Bond and George Voinovich) was interesting on a number of levels. For one thing, it suggests that a bipartisan process, which Reid aborted on this bill after complaints that it had been laden down with unrelated provisions, is not necessarily that highly correlated with a bipartisan outcome.

There’s More…

If he’s right……. the Democrats will be better and can thank Senator Scott Brown for his loud and clear win…and warning…..


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The White House and The Congress…… at Odds…….

The Dog has been waiting for someone to do this piece that is now the banner over @Politico……

Over the last six months the Dog….along with every other media and blog has been bemoaning  that the President and his gnomes have left the House and Senate Democrats out in cold with their pants down on several issues…..mainly Healthcare…..

Barack Obama has not lifted a finger to help Congressmen and women to deal with the onslaught that the GOP has unleashed against them……

Nancy Pelosi (the Dog gives her credit ) has started to dig her heel’s in, something this President seems to be incapable of doing……..

President Barack Obama, accompanied by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (left), waves as he leaves Capitol Hill.

“What you’re seeing now in public has been building in private,” said a top House Democratic official. “House members did their work — they did everything the president asked of them. And it gets stuck in the Senate. Or the Senate screws it up.”

Though Pelosi and other House Democrats have made it clear that they’re angry with the Senate, they’re also frustrated with the president, upset that he hasn’t come to terms with the problems of getting legislation through the upper chamber — or done enough to overcome them.

“He wants a jobs bill, we get a jobs bill,” the official said. “He wanted health care, we got health care. Then the answer is, ‘You just need to twist enough arms to pass the Senate bill.’ You can twist arms if you’ve got a handful of them to twist. You can’t twist over 100 arms. There needs to be some reality check there.”

“Both ends of the Capitol — the House and the Senate — are starting to wonder if they’re on their own,” the official continued. “You have a lot of frustration there. And the White House’s reaction to all of that seems to be, ‘Run against Congress’ — which, as you can imagine, doesn’t go over very well with House members. The White House reaction seems to be, ‘Position ourselves against Congress.’”

Obama has to get his act together…….and make his mind what he wants to fight for…..he ain’t in Kansas anymore…..this is the real deal.….

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The Democrats go back to Senators Snowe and Collins…..again…

With the Healthcare Bill now coming up on the floor in the next few weeks….We go back to the same ole’ script….Keep the Democrats in the senate, in line…but get Maine’s moderate Senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins on board if you can, for insurance…and bipartisan cover…..

We have seen this act in the Stimulus bill and other situations…and the process the democrats hand both senator enormous power of the final outcome of this bill as in other cases….

Both Collins and Snowe did not vote to bring the Healthcare Bill to the Senate floor, but that is because their votes were not needed (they knew the democrats had the votes)…..

But now when the things get serious…it is ‘let’s make a deal time’…and there will be deals..no doubt

Because in the end the Democrats will benefit greatly if they can say the bill  has bipartisan backing…they care probably do it alone….

But that would be a hollow victory with risks for the party, and the president if the bill ‘s policies turn out to not work….

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The Majority leader of the Senate goes for the gusto!…A $849 Billion compromise package Healthcare Bill……..

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev), has presented a compromise $849 Billion bill that bans federal funds for abortions, but allows at least one plan in the system that would offer abortion coverage and one that doesn’t….This will essentially leave coverage in for women who already have it, while not expanding it…..

The bill would also extend coverage to an additional 31 million Americans, reform some insurance practices and add taxes on high earners to help support the bill. The democrats are VERY happy with the Congressional Budget Offices projection that the bill would cut the federal deficit by at least $127 Billion over the next decade…..

There are differences between the House and Senate Bill’s…….

The Senate measure is similar in scope to legislation the House approved earlier this month. It would require most people to buy insurance, and if their employers did not offer affordable coverage, they would be able to shop for policies on new state-based “exchanges” that would function as marketplaces for individual coverage. Insurance companies would have to abide by broad new rules that would ban practices such as denying coverage based on preexisting conditions.

But the bills diverge on other key provisions. The House version would require all but the smallest businesses to offer insurance, while the Senate measure would merely fine companies for not offering affordable coverage. The Senate bill would bar illegal immigrants from buying insurance through the exchanges, while the House would restrict access only to subsidies and federal programs such as Medicaid, which would be vastly expanded under both bills.

The bill’s first test is expected on Friday or Saturday, with a procedural vote required to start debate. Republicans are expected to rally all 40 of their senators to block the legislation from advancing, requiring Reid to keep all 60 members of his Democratic caucus in line.

Stay tuned folks…it has just begun…….

Note: This is a copy of the abortion language in the bill from the Huffington Post……


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