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Mark Stanford…..Will keep his job…..but this is his swan song….

The embattled Governor of South Carolina has survived an attempt to turn him out of office…..but his political capital is gone…..

The story in The State:

Sanford has been under scrutiny since June, when he returned from a clandestine five-day trip to Argentina and admitted an extramarital affair. Media, the State Ethics Commission and lawmakers have spent the past six months reviewing Sanford’s use of state aircraft, business-class airfare and campaign funds.

Wednesday, the governor said 37 pending State Ethics Commission charges amounted to – at most – minor and technical oversights.

While Sanford’s offenses were called “seriously stupid” – the words of state Rep. Garry Smith, R-Greenville – six of the seven impeachment panel members agreed they were not impeachable.

“We can’t impeach for hypocrisy. We can’t impeach for arrogance. We can’t impeach … for his lack of leadership skills,” said committee chairman state Rep. Jim Harrison, R-Richland, arguing there were not grounds to remove Sanford from office.

The story comes from Charles Lemos over at mydd.com…..

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The Sanford Speeding story…is no story……just Gov. Stanford not thinking again……

Recently… a South Carolina  State Law Enforcement member got pulled over for doing 85 mph, by a South Carolina State Trooper……What?……well it turns out that the SCLED guy was in a black, unmarked Ford Crown Victoria with Governor of that state in the vehicle…..got that?….so the trooper in the marked car (that has a camera rolling, and the trooper wired for sound) gets out after the stop, and says to thee SCLED guy,’there is no good reason to be driving so fast!’…to which the SCLED guy answers, turning to his passenger ,’tell him that’ ……and with that, the governor introduces himself………..

End of story right?

Well, no ………it seems that a tape somehow surfaces of the stop…..Which shows that the trooper realizing that the driver is another member of the South Carolina Department of Public Safety, who is driving their boos…..Shakes Governor Stanford’s hand and sends  them on their way…….No ticket…again….End of story, right?

Well, no…after the tape surfaces…..The media calls trooper headquarters…to which the Office of Public Safety issues a press release saying that there should  have been a citation issued…..

What!…Are you kidding me?

Does anybody remember the Corzine caper?….same thing (only a real bad accident occurred)…the boss (the governor) says I gotta be somewhere fast…step on it…..a cop assigned to make sure the governor of HIS state is safe is forced to defer from his good judgment, and speed , to get the guy in the car, who gives HIS boss HIS marching orders, where he wants to go on time…..

As in the Jersey cases, this guy driving ain’t gonna get a summons folks…neither is the guy who stopped him gonna have a problem (the piece lists several similar incident that have occurred, this ain’t gonna be the last one, this one was just on tape)….

…..these guys are sworn to do their jobs…both were doing their duty…the only person at fault here was the head man in charge,  Governor Mark Stanford…who put the driver in a ‘no win’ situation….he either takes his time driving, getting wherever late, and maybe gets yanked from the detail, and banished to steady midnights in the arm pit of the state, or……. goes fast and gets there on time  , risking an accident, and not going home to his wife and kids…….

What’s that called?….Oh, yea…a ‘no-win situation’……

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