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Whitman wants to take a lie detector test?

Whitman Offers to Take Polygraph Test

Never a good sign: California gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman (R) said she is prepared to take a polygraph test to prove that she was “really stunned” to learn just last year that her housekeeper was an undocumented worker, CNN reports.

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Women have a very good day June 8…….Lincoln, Whitman, Fiorina and Angle win their primaries….

Women win big in Tuesday primaries

[ Clockwise…..From top left.   Lincoln, Whitman, Fiorina and Angle ]

Well, Well, Well……..

Look at this !

When I went to sleep last night it didn’t sink in on me that it was strong female night…..

It has now……

My guys here who don’t like women in politics are going to have to swallow hard……

I already did a Lincoln post, He, he, he……

Again…..Am I ever happy to call a race wrong with voters doing the right thing, YES!

With women in California……

Same thing really….

Meg Whitman and Carly Fiorina are both rich women who made their bones thru the business world…

Both where able to spend large amounts of money in their campaigns…..

They will both lose in the end…

But they will both put up good fights…..

Jerry Brown and Barbara Boxer are in for good fights…

Angle in Nevada is Reid’s dream candidate…

A Tea Partier…

She is going to get battered …….

We’ll see if her positions ring true with the general voters on that state…..

All in all not a bad day for the Democrats in general….

And a good day for women around the country……

CNN Link……

PoliticsDaily Link….

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Whitman is spending a boatload of money in the California race for Governor…..

Meg Whitman

From PoliticalWire……

Whitman’s Unprecedented Ad Blitz

The San Jose Mercury News notes that since the begininng of the year, Meg Whitman’s campaign for governor in California spent $27.2 million — more than $4 a second.

“At that pace, in the time it takes to read this sentence aloud, the campaign will have spent another 50 bucks to pulverize her already-battered GOP opponent, Steve Poizner, whom she’s beating by 50 points in the polls.”

You know the Dog thought Jerry Brown had this locked up……

No more…..

While I think voters will eventually come home to Brown…..Whitman’s money could be the food for a upset……

She’s got the GOP nomination locked up…That’s for sure

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Meg Whitman………

Meg Whitman

Ex-EBay chief Meg Whitman has closed on Jerry Brown in polls.

From the LA Times……

Whitman no rookie at playing hardball

The GOP gubernatorial candidate, a hard-nosed ex-CEO, tried to push a rival from the race and threatened labor leaders with retaliation if they funded attacks against her. But the moves carry risks.

Reporting from Sacramento –

Meg Whitman is campaigning for governor as a political outsider, but behind the scenes she is playing classic political hardball in her quest for the Republican nomination.

She tried to push her chief GOP opponent, Steve Poizner, out of the primary contest with a consultant’s threat to wage a negative ad campaign that would destroy his career. Her advisors have worked, with some success, to siphon away Poizner supporters, orchestrating calls by former Gov. Pete Wilson and others for the party to unite — four months before the primary election — behind her candidacy.

And Whitman’s team warned labor leaders that if they gave money to Democratic operatives planning to attack her, the billionaire candidate would respond by spending millions to qualify a ballot initiative that would make it harder for unions to use dues for political purposes.

Observers say Whitman’s embrace of rough-and-tumble politics should surprise no one, given her track record as the hard-nosed former chief executive of EBay.

“She’s coming from a world that’s absolutely a hardball world,” said Thad Kousser, a visiting professor at Stanford University who specializes in state politics. “And anybody who thinks you don’t become a politician being the CEO of a major corporation is crazy.”

Asked about the tough moves by Whitman and her aides, her spokesman, Tucker Bounds, said her campaign “is committed to putting her in the most effective position” to explain her vision for improving California. He said talking to voters is her main focus.

Political analysts say Whitman’s use of her wealth to intimidate her opponents — she’s moved $39 million of her own money into her campaign — can backfire if voters believe she is trying to buy the election. Wealthy executives have won as political newcomers elsewhere but have largely failed in California.


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