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Vice President Biden is going back to the Middle East……

Vice President Biden headed to Middle East to talk about ‘full range’ of issues

Vice President Joe Biden will head to the Middle East in early March, the White House announced today.

Accompanied by his wife, Biden will tour through Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Palestinian Authority and will hold discussions on “the full range of bilateral and regional issues.”

Full release from the White House:

Vice President Joe Biden and Dr. Jill Biden will travel to the Middle East during the week of March 8, 2010. The Vice President will meet with key leaders in Israel, the Palestinian Authority, Egypt, and Jordan. During the trip, the Vice President will discuss the full range of bilateral and regional issues. Among others, the Vice President will meet with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu, Palestinian Authority President Abbas, Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Fayyad, Egyptian President Mubarak, and Jordanian King Abdullah.

Additional details about the Vice President and Dr. Biden’s trip will be released at a later date.

I wonder what’s up?

Hillary is on her way home from the region……Odd isn’t it?

Couldn’t have anything to do with Iran…..Could it?

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The battle between the White House and the General…….

The story for the past few days in the media (particularly the Washington Post) has been between General McChrystal and the White House (not the President)…I predicted that this would occur and it has arrived right on time…….

When Obama picked McChrystal…he told everybody he liked the general and he though he was a good choice…The administration then hiked General David Patreaus up to the command of the entire Middle East and put McChrystal in charge of Afghanistan and Pakistan…the general he replaced was deemed to timed, and not effective in thinking outside the box……well you know the saying..”be careful for what you wish for”…….

Let me remind people and point out that……In Stanley McCrystal, the Commander-In-Chief got what he asked for…….A tough, flexible , game and war fighter that gone on to think outside the box and come up with plan for the CIC to execute to try to win a military campaign…..

The crying and political genuflecting was inevitable because the general followed orders and gave what he was asked for……if there is any problem with the outcome, it is that the general did NOT play politics with his answer……Another reminder…Remember Rumsfeld’s action plan for the invasion of Iraq?…...NOT ENOUGH TROOPS…..NOT FOLLOWING THE POWELL DOCTRINE of OVERWHELMING FORCE……

This general is gonna sleep good every night cause he didn’t back up going in…I remember all the hand wringing after the whole Iraq campaign turned sour because there was NOT ENOUGH TROOPS…..Not this time!….This general has laid down a marker…And is sticking to the US Army’s credo of Honesty…..

Something else I gotta say here….McCrystal has asked for combat troops and non combat troops and civilians to help build up Afghanistan as a country, since it  is arguably one of the poorest countries on earth, with whole area’s looking like a throw back to middle ages with ‘sand people’.

Now since the President’s Press Secretary has let it be know that the United States and NATO aren\’t walking away from the place……there simply isn’t any other solution other than giving General McCrystal what he wants……We tried the ‘light’ thing in the beginning of Iraq…it didn’t work……give the guy his manpower and support…..Damn the ego’s and political blood-letting from the president’s handler’s…..


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There IS a misconnect between the US and Israel about Iran…….

There has been a steady stream of US diplomats and cabinet secretaries  traveling to Israel, ever since Obama’s less than satisfactory meeting with the Saudi’s in June……While Obama is trying the ‘jaw boning’  approach, in trying to get peace the Middle East, the Israeli’s are thinking about one thing……..Iran’s pursuit of a nuclear bomb………the Israeli’s asked Bush for permission to go the last time, and it was denied……I’m not too sure they are going to hold back a next time….. and everyone knows that an attack will wreck  any peace attempts in the region for long time (hence the reason for the vists?)……

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