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Pelosi on criticism from other Democrats: ‘I just want them to win’

It can’t be fun these days being the Democratic Speaker of the House….

The media is screaming your party is gonna lose anything from 5 to 60 seats…

You could be just about to start flying coach and carrying your own bags…

You have to start driving yourself around and watching your back…

And other House members won’t be returning your calls…..

Oh, yea…..

And you’re gonna be asked a million times….

‘What happened?”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) dismissed Democratic members who have distanced themselves from her this election cycle, explaining that she just wants them to win.

Pelosi brushed off the handful of Democratic lawmakers and candidates who have run ads criticizing her, or who have not committed to supporting her as Democratic leader in the next Congress.

“We’re very diverse in opinion, gender, generation, geography, philosophy, and the rest House Democratic Congress, and some members did not vote for some of the bills, and that’s their record, and that’s what they go out and say,” Pelosi said in an interview on PBS Newshour. “I just want them to win.”

Pelosi has suffered from negative approval ratings during her tenure as speaker. A new NBC/Wall Street Journal poll released this week found that she is still viewed more negatively than her would-be successor if Republicans win back the House, Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio)


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ScottP…….Midterm Elections and The GOP…….Hispanic Voters in Az and Co….

I do think that during the midterms the GOP is going to do better than they have recently in western states like AZ and CO.

So they will think that their decision to double down on the aging white demographic is working.

But that will be due primarily to angry white voters being the disproportionate % of those who turn out in midterms.

In 2012 they will be hard pressed to win those states and others with similar demographics in a Presidential year.


From Politicalwire:

“In Colorado and Arizona, Public Policy Polling sees Hispanic voters swinging dramatically towards Democrats in the wake of Arizona’s new immigration law.

“Hispanics in the Mountain West are leaning much more strongly toward the Democrats since the Arizona law was passed. The big question then becomes whether there are white voters who are going to go Republican this fall who wouldn’t have if that bill hadn’t been passed. We don’t see any evidence of that happening yet.”

Ben Smith: “This has always been Democrats’ belief about immigration politics: That among the voters for whom this is a single, motivating issue, whites may get more attention, but Hispanics are more numerous.”

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Daniel lists the Districts he thinks the Democrats will lose come November………..


I’ll start with a real Bellwether District: Ohio 15th.

Mary Jo Kilroy will lose in November against Stivers yes BECAUSE of the Health Care Vote.

She won only by 2300 Votes in 2008 and yes this CRAP Lady votes for it.

Going on Record saying Dems will lose the following Seats:

OH-15 (Kilroy)
AR-1 (Open)
CO-4 (Markey)
FL-8 (Grayson)
ID-1 (Minnick)
VA-5 (Perriello)
IN-9 (Hill)
MD-1 (Kratochvil)
NV-3 (Titus)
NM-2 (Teague)
OH-1 (Driehaus)
OH-16 (Boccieri)
FL-24 (Kosmas)
IN-8 (Open)
TN-8 (Open)
AR-2 (Open)
TN-6 (Open)
KS-3 (Open)
LA-3 (Open)
NY-29 (Open)
ND-At Large (Pomeroy)
PA-7 (Open)
MI-7 (Schauer)
MS-1 (Childers)
NH-1 (Shea-Porter)
NH-2 (Hodes)
VA-2 (Nye)
WA-3 (Open)
WV-1 (Mollohan)
VA-9 (Boucher)

So, this Health Care Vote will bring Democrats down 30 Seats.

We need only 10 more. We’re gonna do it.

The Dog thinks its way to sooon to come out with this list…..

And believes that the Democrats will keep the House…just bearly…There has not been an a loss of seats by one party of the magnitude you are predicting for a long time….

The Dog also believes that the Healthcare Bill will NOT be such a big deal by the fall…..

Oh, Yea…..Obama is gonna get a bump in the polls on passage of the Bill…

We’ll see…..

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