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Duke needs to win……

[ Kyle Singler and top-seeded Duke (31-5) face No. 4 seed Purdue on Friday in the South Region semifinals. ]

My favorite College Basketball team goes to the dance everyear…and goes home early…..

It’s not that coach Mike Krzyzewski does not do a good job….he does….

It’s just that Duke teams simply do not have the killer instict……to tell the truth….they never do…..

That is hard thing to carry around….

But that’s the way it is……..

“Your standard as a program is always your best season,” Painter said. “And for him and Duke basketball, that’s a national championship. If they don’t win the national championship, people look at it as a failure. With that being said, I think that’s a backhanded compliment.”

The Purdue senior guard Chris Kramer said he believed that Kentucky now had that distinction as the gold standard program. His fellow senior guard Keaton Grant said teams like Kentucky are now getting the recruits that the Blue Devils once attracted.

“Back in the day when they had the Jay Williamses and Carlos Boozers, it was almost like looking at Duke in awe,” Grant said. “I think less teams are doing that now and just looking at it more as an opportunity to knock off Duke.”

When asked about Duke’s not making the Final Four since 2004, Krzyzewski said there were two words that were interesting in competition: “since” and “never.”

“Try to look at those words and see which category you would rather be in,” Krzyzewski said.

He added: “You’re not always going to win a national championship and you’re not always going to get to a Final Four. Those are difficult things to do.”

And while Krzyzewski said he did not feel any increased pressure this season, he jokingly dismissed whether his team’s senior class struggled to lived up to expectations by comparing himself to not being able to live up to his wife’s former boyfriends when he dated her.

“We’re not the Yankees,” Krzyzewski said. “Thank goodness we’re not the Cubs. It’s different. It’s college. They’re different kids. Just give them an opportunity.”


Update……Duke beats Purdue 70 to 57…..to play Baylor next……

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