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Lindsey Graham…..Can he be doing the right thing?…..Can he survive doing it?


In the last few weeks the Dog keeps seeing Lindsey Graham…..the Republican senator from South Carolina’s name popping up all over the place (talking to Chuck Schumer…no less )……

Immigration and Climate have been the area’s of interest….

But the question that comes to mind is this…..

Is he deal maker….. or is he working with the enemy?

How can a GOP senator work with Chuck Schumer all the time and survive?

I mean ……most of the high-profile moderate Republican’s have been shown the door by the GOP…..

Can Graham’s method of doing things last?

“The growth potential in America lies with demographic changes and independents. Independents are the fastest-growing group in terms of political identification.

“Demographically, we are becoming a more diverse country . . .  Conservatism will appeal to the public at large because the public is right of center

“But ideology that is extreme never sells 50 percent. You have to be relevant to people’s lives. You have to solve problems that people deal with every day and you’ve got to get to 50 percent . . .

“If you want to purify the party, then the cost is the ability to grow because purification is not a gave of addition. It’s a game of subtraction. Coalition building is a game of addition.”

Political scientist Alan Abramowitz of Emory University has numbers to bolster Graham’s main thesis.

In 2008, he noted in a recent Internet article, Republican presidential candidateJohn McCain carried the white vote by 11.6 million, but Obama won by carrying “non-whites” by 21.1 million.

With non-whites — especially Latinos — representing an ever-growing portion of the electorate, he showed, if Democrats sustain their advantage with those groups, Republicans will need to carry more than 60 percent of the white vote to win national elections, as only Ronald Reagan was able to do in 1984.

As Abramowitz wrote, “2010 is likely to be a very good year for Republicans. Yet there is a real danger that Republican leaders and strategists will interpret (that) strong showing as vindication for a strategy based largely on energizing the party’s conservative white base.

“That base is indeed energized. But it is also shrinking due to the steady growth of the non-white electorate . . .  Unless Republicans can expand their support among non-white voters, they will have to win a much larger share of the white vote than they have in any recent presidential election in order to remain competitive.

Did you just read that?

Is the GOP faithfull gonna swallow that?

I don’t think so……..

Graham …and for that manner Crist both understand that the move to the right by the mainstream GOP is cutting them off from the growth demographics of the country…..We discuse this all the time at the Dog with CD….

Texas is gonna turn democratic pretty soon simply because it’s getting browner..mind you not all Latinos vote Democratic….but even the Bush family (Jeb is against the Arizona Bill ) know that  the party is working awfully hard to disfranchise itself from its future….

Having a black RNC leader hasn’t been too comfortable for a lot of Republican’s either…..

Lindsey Graham may be right….

But he’s got a long road in front of him…..

and he may not be successful……

More…….. on the CQPolitics piece by Morton M. Kondracke, Roll Call Contributing Writer

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Republicans on the Hill announce they will work with Democrats in the future…..

[ Graham, Gregg and Snowe ]

Centrist Republicans have decided that they would like to go back to their traditional positions of working the system from the ‘inside out’….instead of the Healthcare ‘outside in’ policy of their party which got the GOP not much of a say in the final Healthcare Bill……

Graham has continued  working the immigration policy bill with Sen Schumer (NY -D) so he doesn’t have too much of a stretch….

Here ‘s the Hill piece…..

Republican senators say they can work with Democrats, despite dire predictions that the healthcare fight would make cooperation impossible.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) warned that using reconciliation to block a GOP filibuster and pass healthcare legislation could destroy the fabric of the Senate, but the explosion that some insiders expected never happened.

Now Republican centrists say they are willing to move forward with Democrats on other issues.

Sen. Olympia Snowe (Maine), the Republican that Democratic leaders consider most likely to join them on future initiatives, says she is still willing to work across the aisle.

Sen. Lindsey Graham (S.C.), who is negotiating with Democrats on energy and immigration reform legislation, has said he will not cut off talks because of the controversial use of reconciliation, which allowed Democrats to move a package of fixes to the healthcare legislation with majority-only votes.

The working order of the Senate appears to have emerged intact.

Sen. Judd Gregg (N.H.), the Republican point man on reconciliation rules, told The Hill the rulings of parliamentarian Alan Frumin were “fair.”

Gregg’s assessment was markedly different from GOP grumblings that preceded the debate.

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GOP Litmus test?……What Litmus Test?

From PolticalWire…….

Republicans Dismiss “Purity Resolution”

“The RNC avoided a potentially embarrassing resolution that would have given the party an ability to impose sanctions on candidates who do not follow key elements of the GOP platform, a move that would have shone a spotlight on some of the party’s best recruits,” according to The Hotline.

“GOPers meeting in Honolulu this week unanimously said the party is in good shape to make big electoral gains this year, but many worried that the proposed resolution could highlight differences between conservatives and several more moderate contenders.”

Note.…..He, he, he…..

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Despite Governorship wins…the GOP has to still define what it stands for….

The Grand Old Party has the same problems the Democrats do…How do you deal with the left and the right …and how do they get them to row together on their boat?

Solving that issue will be the key for both parties ability to get votes from the independents that are critical factor in winning elections…….

If the GOP turns to a right leaning party only in general elections (all republican go to the right in primaries, that’s given) they run the risk of duplicating the NY-23 outcome where voters track to the moderate inspire of the party registration numbers……right now cooler heads are going to have to look forward within that party…and local races are still more influenced by local issues more than national issues…

The truth is…we are still dealing with the after effects of President Obama’s ground breaking election……

In both parties….…

Democrats thought Obama voters would still rally to their side….they didn’t…

Republican’s are still dealing with the shock of their lackluster presidential campaign, and George Bush’s policy’s……

And both aprties are dealing with the drumbeat of the economy and unemployment, eventhough the econmy may be starting to turn around (people don’t feel that turn)…..

It is a brave new world out there……how does the GOP deal with it?

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