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Follow-up on the MyDD and Charlie Cook discussion on the House in 2010…..

From Jonathan Singer over @ Mydd.Com as a follow up to this post.….

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Just a few weeks ago, Charlie Cook said that it’s “very hard to come up with a scenario where Democrats don’t lose the House.” The quote may seem familiar; I have referenced it a couple times in recent days.

If Cook is still looking for such a scenario, the respected pollster Ipsos, surveying the country for McClatchy newspapers, has provided it:

Looking ahead to November’s elections, 50 percent said they’d vote for Democratic candidates if the election were today, while 40 percent said they’d vote for Republicans.

The Democrats’ 10-point generic ballot lead in the Ipsos-McClatchy poll represents a net improvement of 3 percentage points since early November, a move within the survey’s margin of error.

It is worth noting that these numbers do not look the latest trend estimate from Pollster.com, which actually gives the GOP a narrow 43.0 percent to 42.4 percent lead in a nationwide race for Congress. However, that narrow Republican advantage is the result of the plethora of data from a single pollster: Rasmussen Reports. When these surveys are excluded, the numbers shift more than 6 points towards the Democrats, with a Democratic edge of 47.1 percent to 41.5 percent.

So there definitely is a universe in which it is “very hard to come up with a scenario where Democrats don’t lose the House”: that of Rasmussen polling. And that may be the reality on the ground come November. But in the reality represented by the composite of all other polling, including this latest Ipsos survey, the Democrats’ goose is not nearly cooked.

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