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The President, the Commander-in-Chief, has given his marching orders to the troops…..

President Obama held a classified briefing last night with his National Security team.…under National  Command Authority…he has issued his finding from his months long study of theater commander Gen. Stanley McChrsytal’s request for more assets for the Afghanistan war campaign……

The Commander-in-Chief has approved almost everything McChrystal has asked for and has taken counsel of his ambassador to that Afghanistan and also added and exit policy to the plan….

The president has begun making notifications to the NATO countries heads of state, with requests for more troops and assets from them…..

The President will fly to West Point tomorrow to give an evening speech to the country…..

He will experience headwinds from his fellow democrats….bButhis request will be approved by congress, since no president in modern times, has had such a request turned down……Make no mistake this campaign is now his…and do not doubt that the president’s success or failure is in the hands of one General Stanley McChrystal….

More to come…..

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