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As the rebels recapture ground…One wonders…Will Obama be the President that lost Democracy in the Middle East?…

From the jump…..

On our little poll here the numbers read like this….(they are tiny numbers )

Should Obama do No-Fly Zones and other military action…..

No….45% None….

Yes….18% to evacuate people

No…..Let NATO take the lead


So among the readers of this blog…..

The President of the America IS doing the right thing by NOT doing anything….


But I wonder how this doing nothing is gonna play on the domestic and world stage?

That question may….


May not be important …

I’m sure the big boys polling have come down close to the results here…


But right now the President is taking heat from both US political parties on NOT doing anything to help the opposition in Libya… do anything….

This about the same thing that happens in Iran every few years..

The US hops up the population…

They mound demonstrations…

They get taken out…

Again and again….


This time…

If Gaddafi is able to retake Libya back in a civil war things aren’t going be so nice….

The US and NATO will shown other rulers in the area that they will let them carry their own fight to their population…..

The American push for democracy will ring hallow….

And the bad guys will be happy to ramp up their oil prices and give us the finger….

Is all this worth the abuse…..


I  know sometimes you swallow hard and move on….

Is this one of those times for the President?

But this will be no joke in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and other capital’s…

The US will not fight anymore…


The American’s are tired…

And they want to go home….


Which is of course true…..


A lot of people are mad at James Clapper , the US Director of National Intelligence, because he got it right today when he told the Senate Foreign Relations Panel that if no one comes to help the Libyan rebels….

They will lose their battle with Gaddafi’s forces in the end….


Everyone’s tired….

They want to send the troops home…

The questions are….

Will the World take rest also while we do?

And ….

Will President Obama….Following his Defense Secretary’s advice …In fighting no more…

Be the guy who helped cure  ’Democracy fever’ in the Middle East and North Africa…..

From Politicaldog101….

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Afhgan tension again on a NATO raid….

Here we go again……

NATO troops along with afghan troops recently conducted a ‘commmando-style’ raid in the Kunar province…..the causalities in the raid where ere eight boys, aged between 13 and 18, and two men in their 20s….according to Afghan authrities…..no bad guys…..

that’s about all everyone agree’s too….

because of the anti-america war felling there, the government refuses to admit that they sent their troops along with the NATO troops……

instead…..the government seems to be playing both ends against the middle…..helping the U.S. and NATO…while siding with the population against those same actions……

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NATO promises 7,000 troops for Afghanistan……

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in Brussels, NATO’s headquarters asking for more troops for President Obama…..so far she has gotten promises for 5,000 troops above the nearly 2,000 that have arrived ‘ in country’ recently….the figures are in flux because several countries where supposed to pull their troops out, but will now reconsider that, several leaders will have trouble sticking with the commitment due to political opposition at home…..and several countries will send troops as advisers..not combat troops…..

Secretary Clinton, General McChrystal and Richard Holbroke, the administration’s special representative for Afghanistan and Pakistan, will be working the room in Brussels on December 7th, when NATO holds a foreign minister meeting there….

There are 40,000 NATO troops currently in Afghanistan, along with 71,000 U.S. soldiers…..

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The figure will be 34,000 new troops for Afghanistan…..details are leaking out….

The total amount of troops ‘in country’ will reach 100,000……President Obama will have authorized more than half of the men and women sent there…this is his war now….

As I have said before here…..General Stanley McChrystal has got just about everything he asked for……and a good part of the Presidents political future is now in his hands….

The deployments start in January…although there are reports that Marine units are already on the move to the country…..

Secretary of State Clinton will go to Brussels on Thursday to press NATO for more troops for the war campaign in the country…..

The speech is tomorrow night at 8:00 PM coming from Army Military Academy at West Point, New York……

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The Commander-in-Chief will announce his troop request at West Point, on Tuesday…..

President Obama will travel to West Point, The U.S. Army’s Military Academy to announce that he will deploying up to 35,000 more U.S. and NATO troops (he’s asking NATO for 10,000) principally to deploy to the southern region of Afghanistan over the next 9 months….This move will be the president’s biggest decision since tackling the economy when he walked in the door of the presidency….

He has also put himself out by declaring to the media during a presser with the Indian Prime Minister ……”I’ve also indicated that after eight years — some of those years in which we did not have, I think, either the resources or the strategy to get the job done — it is my intention to finish the job,”

The president had to take more time in his decision to give the military time to put in an exit option, which U.S. Ambassador to Afghanistan, Eikenberry ( a retired Lt. General, who serverd in-country) lobbied for….

Finally, Obama is keenly aware that a major criticism has been the corruption, functionality and unsuitableness of Harmid Karzai’s government…..this a problem that

Will be watched by the State department under Hillary Clinton and Ambassador Eikenberry closely….But will be the basis for any progress….

Because in the end the object will be to have the Afghan’s take over…..Which a lot of us doubt will ever happen….



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The French Foreign Legion is deployed to Aftghanistan….

Yes they are there, and inching for the fight…..the French Foreign Legion (men only), which is made up of volunteers from all over the planet, good and bad, are in Aftghanistan with NATO and seem to be missing the fight……

I’m sure if they complain enough they can get sent wherever the real fight is….

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The battle between the White House and the General…….

The story for the past few days in the media (particularly the Washington Post) has been between General McChrystal and the White House (not the President)…I predicted that this would occur and it has arrived right on time…….

When Obama picked McChrystal…he told everybody he liked the general and he though he was a good choice…The administration then hiked General David Patreaus up to the command of the entire Middle East and put McChrystal in charge of Afghanistan and Pakistan…the general he replaced was deemed to timed, and not effective in thinking outside the box……well you know the saying..”be careful for what you wish for”…….

Let me remind people and point out that……In Stanley McCrystal, the Commander-In-Chief got what he asked for…….A tough, flexible , game and war fighter that gone on to think outside the box and come up with plan for the CIC to execute to try to win a military campaign…..

The crying and political genuflecting was inevitable because the general followed orders and gave what he was asked for……if there is any problem with the outcome, it is that the general did NOT play politics with his answer……Another reminder…Remember Rumsfeld’s action plan for the invasion of Iraq?…...NOT ENOUGH TROOPS…..NOT FOLLOWING THE POWELL DOCTRINE of OVERWHELMING FORCE……

This general is gonna sleep good every night cause he didn’t back up going in…I remember all the hand wringing after the whole Iraq campaign turned sour because there was NOT ENOUGH TROOPS…..Not this time!….This general has laid down a marker…And is sticking to the US Army’s credo of Honesty…..

Something else I gotta say here….McCrystal has asked for combat troops and non combat troops and civilians to help build up Afghanistan as a country, since it  is arguably one of the poorest countries on earth, with whole area’s looking like a throw back to middle ages with ‘sand people’.

Now since the President’s Press Secretary has let it be know that the United States and NATO aren\’t walking away from the place……there simply isn’t any other solution other than giving General McCrystal what he wants……We tried the ‘light’ thing in the beginning of Iraq…it didn’t work……give the guy his manpower and support…..Damn the ego’s and political blood-letting from the president’s handler’s…..


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Obama Canceling the Missile Shield…good mileage, a mad GOP and a happy Russia………

President Obama in his administration’s latest episode of ‘ keep’m busy, throw things at them’…..Announced yesterday that the United States was canceling the Reagan and Bush era grandiose missile star wars missile shield program………..Everyone parroted the song that the Poles and Czechs would be pissed.

When the announcement really wasn’t for them …was it?……

It was for the Russians…instead of getting in their faces..Obama has gone to his basic technique of pragmatism with a move to accommodate the Russian insecurity about the program…..and garner Obama some wiggle room in several things……namely, Iran and pressure on Europe and it gas problems……while everyone has been busy else where Obama has been told and shown quietly that the Russians have been making chess moves that have not been the US’s interest….flexing on the old Soviet satellites, backing Iran and building a nuclear power-plant for them and working to flex on its growing oil reserves…….

I’ve always said that Obama is a smart man…and this move was smart……

The Poles  and Czechs will get over there initial disappointment because they will still get Patriot missiles and a shorter range defensive system……..Putin and his President have reacted favorably to the Presidents announcement…and NATO has followed up on it with an offer to a  hold joint system, san offer the Russian’s have turned down from Bush II .

Obama is gonna get grief here in congress but, I applaud the CIC for moving steadily away from BushII’s smash mouth diplomacy (Hillary IS the bad cop to Obama’s good cop)…..and giving peace a chance……

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