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CD on the NBA Basketball finals Update…….Boston up 3-2…..

Yup, this matchup was important even when Al Jefferson was a Celtic. (AP Photo/Branimir Kvartuc, File)

NBA Finals 2010 update: Boston leads 3-2 with their amazing Game 5 win at the TD Garden in Boston, MA over the defending champion LA Lakers, 92-86 in a wild game as Kobe Bryant’s 38 points wasn’t enough to pull out the win.

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CD….The NBA Pro Basketball Championship Series…..

My 2010 NBA Finals prediction:

Who should win?: Boston Celtics

Who will LIKELY win?: Los Angeles Lakers

My pick:

Lakers in 6 at home to close the Celtics out.

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Micheal Jordon heads to the Basketball Hall of Fame……..

I am proud to see that Michael Jordan…the best basketball player of all time, will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame……The former Chicago Bull #23 (13 seasons) and University of  North Carolina  player, was a fierce competitor who loved to win……an icon that is instantly recognizable any place on the planet…….he is humble and thankful to have had such a great career ……leading his team to six NBA championships with his drive and great jump shot……here, here!

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