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Daniel….West Virginia and Nebraska Races for November……

Hello Folks!

The West Virginia & Nebraska Primaries are behind us so here is the look at the Races for November in those two States:

West Virginia:

West Virginia 1st Congressional District  (Open Race, Incumbent Democrat Alan B. Mollohan defeated in Primary)

State Senator Mike Oliverio (D)
Former WV GOP Chair David B. McKinley (R)

West Virginia 2nd Congressional District  (Incumbent Republican Shelley Moore Capito)

U. S. Rep. Shelley Moore-Capito (R)
Elementary School Principal Virginia Lynch Graf (D)

West Virginia 3rd Congressional District  (Incumbent Democrat Nick Joe Rahall)

U. S. Rep. Nick Joe “Nick” Rahall (D)
Former WV State Supreme Court Judge Elliott “Spike” Maynard (R)


Nebraska Governor (Incumbent Republican Dave Heineman)

Incumbent Governor Dave Heineman (R)
Former Banker Mark Lakers (D)

Nebraska 1st Congressional District (Incumbent Republican Jeff Fortenberry)

U. S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R)
Ivy Harper (D)

Nebraska 2nd Congressional District (Incumbent Republican Lee Terry)

U. S. Rep. Lee Terry (R)
State Senator Tom White (D)

Nebraska 3rd Congressional District (Incumbent Republican Adrian Smith)
Chaplain Rebekah Davis (D)

Daniel G.

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Special Election Night Results Thread for Tuesday May 11th……West Virginia, Nebraska Primaries and and Georgia Special Election……

Daniel will  start here…and the Dog will arrive around 9:30 PM DST……

Todays Primaries:

West Virginia (Mountain State) Polls close at 7.30pm ET:


Democratic Primary

U. S. Rep. Allan Mollohan (D)
State Senator Mike Oliverio (D)

Republican Primary

Cindy Hall (R)
Patty VanGilder-Levenson (R)
David McKinley (R)
Sarah Minear (R)
Tom Stark (R)
Mac Warner (R)

Note: I expect McKinley to prevail over his 5 Opponents.

November Match-Up for WV-2

U. S. Rep. Shelley Moore-Capito (R)
Virginia Lynch Graf (D)


Democratic Primary

U. S. Rep. Nick Rahall (D)
Bruce Barilla (D)
Lee Bias (R)
Marty Gearheart (R)
Conrad Lucas (R)
Elliott “Spike” Maynard (R)

Note: I expect Meynard to prevail here.

Nebraska (Cornhusker State) Polls close at 9pm ET:

Nebraska Governor

Republican Primary

Incumbent Governor Dave Heineman (R)
Paul Anderson (R)
Christopher Geary (R)

Democratic Primary

No Primary here as Democrat Mark Lakers (D) running Unopposed


Republican Primary

U. S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R)
Ralph Bodie (R)
Dave Hunt (R)

Democratic Primary

Ivy Harper (D)
Stanley Krauter (D)
Jessica Lynn Turek (D)
Sherman Yates (D)


Republican Primary

U. S. Rep Lee Terry (R)
Steven Laird (R)
Matt Sakalosky (R)

Democratic Primary

No Primary as State Senator Tom White (D) is running Unopposed.


Republican Primary

U. S. Rep. Adrian Smith (R)
Dennis Parker (R)

Democratic Primary

No Primary as Chaplain Rebekah Davis (R) is running Unopposed.

Georgia Special Election GA-9

Cardiologist Chris Cates (R)
Former State Rep. Tom Graves (R)
Former State Sen. Lee Hawkins (R)
Retired Neurosurgeon Bert Loftman (R)
Former State Sen. Bill Stephens (R)
State Rep. Bobby Reese (R)
Chickamauga City Councilman Steve Tarvin (R)
Hall County Democratic Party Chairman Mike Freeman (D)
Marketing Exective Eugene Moon (Independent)

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SE on the Nebraska Races………

From SE……

Here’s a rundown of how I think the NE races will go:

Governor: Incumbent GOP Governor Dave Heineman is running for re-election. On the GOP side, Heineman, Martial Arts Instructor Christopher N. Geary, and Paul Anderson are in the running. There are no Democratic candidates. I expect Heineman to crush Geary and Anderson in the GOP Primary 91-7-2. GOP HOLD.

Secretary of State: Incumbent GOP Secretary of State John A. Gale is running for re-election. The GOP has unified behind Gale. On the Democratic side, Restaurant Manager Kris Pierce and Attorney Janet Stewart are in the running. The Democratic Primary is a tossup. Gale will crush whoever the Democrats nominate. GOP HOLD.

Attorney General: Incumbent GOP Attorney General Jon Bruning is running for re-election. The GOP has unified behind Bruning. The Democrats have unified behind Attorney EA “Van” Argyrakis. Bruning will paste Argyrakis 74-26. GOP HOLD.

State Auditor: Incumbent GOP State Auditor Mike Foley is running for re-election. The GOP has unified behind Foley. The Democrats have no candidates. GOP HOLD.

State Treasurer: Incumbent GOP State Treasurer Shane Osborn is retiring. On the GOP side, State Senator Tony Fulton, Security Firm Owner Tom Nesbitt, and former Attorney General Don Steinberg are in the running. The Democrats have no candidates. I expect Steinberg to emerge from the field. GOP HOLD.

NE-01: Incumbent GOP Congressman Jeff Fortenberry is running for re-election. The GOP has unified behind Fortenberry. The Democrats have unified behind Jessica Lynn Turek. I expect Fortenberry to defeat Turek 68-32. GOP HOLD.

NE-02: Incumbent GOP Congressman Lee Terry is running for re-election. On the GOP side, Terry, Jerry Alan Odom, and Healthcare Technology Consultant Matt Sakalosky are in the running. The Democrats have unified behind State Senator Tom White. I expect Terry to defeat Sakalosky and Odom 79-18-3 and defeat White 55-45. GOP HOLD.

NE-03: Incumbent GOP Congressman Adrian Smith is running for re-election. On the GOP side, Smith, Church Music Director Dennis Parker, and Robert Charles Larson are in the running. The Democrats have unified behind Chaplain Rebekah Davis. I expect Smith to defeat Parker and Larson 89-7-4, and defeat Davis 73-27. GOP HOLD.

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Senator Ben Nelson takes it on the chin in Nebraska……new polling numbers….

Merlin does his magic again…..

Here is the latest on the last hold out senator for the Healthcare Bill……ouch!

Rasmussen Survey

Nebraska Senate 2012

Dave Heineman (R) 61 %

Sen. Ben Nelson (D) 30 %

Others 5 %

Undecided 4 %

Note:…..The back and forth with the governor ( a Republican) was out in the open…..time may heal the wounds…but he ’s gonna have to use a good amount of shoe leather in the state…..the next election for him is three years away, in 2012…..

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Chuck Schumer and Ben Nelson….pheasant hunting…in Nebraska?……

The New York Senator who lives in Brooklyn ( the Boro has more people in it then the entire state of Nebraska )…..recently went to Nebraska to go hunting…he got the invite from Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska……that is the senior Senator from New York in the picture accompanying the piece..yea, that’s him with the bird…and the shotgun……

While a lot of people have very short memories….I don’t …the senior senator from New York has been very, very, very helpful to his party in the senate…he has made a lot of friends, and brought in a lot of money….along the way he has made trips to many places….one of them as we see is Nebraska…people don’t understand the importance of friendship and bonds that the senate commands…Chuck Schumer does…while I really didn’t  and still don’t like his insistence that Kirsten Gillibrand get appointed to Hillary’s senate seat…I do admire Schumer’s doggedness in getting New York State money and Chucks ability to talk…..

I have no doubt that if the democrats can keep the senate …he will have the title Majority Leader someday front of his name…no doubt…..

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