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Gordon Brown is in trouble….as he goes hunting for votes…..

[ Prime Minister Gordon Brown, back in London on Monday after a day of campaigning in the south of England. National elections will take place on May 6 ]

The Dog doesn’t follow the English politics…..

But has heard of the rise of the English Obama….Nick Clegg (below )

And it does seem as if Gordon Brown’s Labour government is about to get sent home…..

Here’s a piece in Mr. Brown’s camapigning around the South of England….USA style…..

Something Mr. Clegg has brought to England……

Along with promises to move away a bit from Tony Blair’s tight relationship with America and to deal with the countries immigration problems…..

In the newspapers, cataclysm was looming for Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s faltering Labour government. Cabinet ministers were reportedly scheming, squabbling and snapping “Shut up!” at one another in panicky strategy sessions. The question was not whether Labour would lose the election on May 6, but how thoroughly.

But none of this seemed to penetrate the eerily positive parallel universe that is Brown-world. Cocooned in a nest of sealed-off calm with his aides and his wife, Sarah, as he finished a day of campaigning on Monday, the man who might not be prime minister for much longer dismissed the alarming reports as the sound and fury of the news media trying to stir things up.

“It’s the usual story at some point in the election campaign,” Mr. Brown said in an interview, flashing a strained smile. “I don’t think these stories last very long. I think people’s minds are focusing much more on the issues.”

So he hopes. Mr. Brown’s premiership has never been popular with a public that preferred his predecessor, Tony Blair, and has grown weary after 13 years of Labour government. Chronically behind the Conservative opposition in polls over the last two years, the Labour Party is now, humiliatingly, also polling behind the third-party Liberal Democrats with little more than a week left before the election.

But the margins that separate the parties are small, and many voters say they are still undecided. No one is giving up yet. “I will keep fighting to the last minute of the last day of this campaign,” Mr. Brown told the assembled reporters in what constituted his campaign vehicle for the moment — the economy-class, rear car of a train otherwise full of commuters. (The reporters would switch to a bus, and the prime minister to a car, for part of the trip.)

He showed good Scottish pugilism as he sped around several campaign stops in the south. At a nurses’ convention in Bournemouth he drew a standing ovation, albeit a slowly rising one, and from only two-thirds or so of the audience. In Weymouth, he basked in the approval of a garden party-ful of supporters and gamely shook hands with pleasantly startled shoppers in front of the banana and the bread displays at an Asda supermarket.

And in Southampton, the prime minister submitted to sharp questioning at a live radio show, impressing the audience with his detailed, unscripted answers, even if the answers sometimes veered off topic……


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The next British Prime Minister…..Nick Clegg?

Who is he?

The Dog did a piece on how the British just had their first full-blown American style hyped National Debate in TV….

Well guess what?

The winner coming out of that debate is  one Nick Clegg ….leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats Party…..a relative unknown to most of the British public….

Until now…..

He has gone from an approval rate of 20%…to 72%!

He, he, he……Welcome to our world Great Britain…you’ll never be the same!……

A funny thing happened on the way to the 2010 general elections in the U.K.: Personality began to matter. And the reason can be summed up in two words — Nick Clegg — leader of the opposition Liberal Democrats Party.

Never heard of Nick Clegg? You’re in good company. Neither had half of Great Britain before last week. That’s when Clegg electrified a heretofore moribund campaign season with his dazzling performance in the first-ever televised debates between the three candidates for prime minister. Overnight, Clegg went from the guy that the other parties walked out on when he spoke at the weekly Prime Ministers Questions to the “it” person in British politics.Get the new
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And popular he is. A poll over the weekend had the Lib Dems in the lead with 33 percent of the vote, followed closely by the opposition Conservative Party with 32 percent and the incumbent Labour Party lagging behind with only 26 percent. Other polls show similar results. What’s astonishing is that less than a week ago the Lib Dems were polling at somewhere around 20 percent.

On top of that, Clegg is now being likened to Winston Churchill, with a whopping 72 percent approval rating (compared to the Conservative Party’s David Cameron with 19 percent and Labour’s Gordon Brown with 18 percent. Ouch.)


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