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Internet addresses will be able to include foreign scripts next year…….

The organization that controls the internet protocols, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, will begin accepting non-Latin alphabets to used as address (URL\’s) next year …That means that there will web addresses that will wholly written in native languages like Chinese and Arabic…….

The action is international in nature and moves the organization to become in tune with nearly half of its 1.6 billion users…..But uniquely non latin scripts probably won’t play to well outside the native language of a particular country…..

The system will need have internet addresses with country codes like .kr for Korea and .ru for Russia …but the organization wants to erase the requirement for those latin scripts completely in the future…….

While it will increase the number of internet addresses and usage…..As one person mentions in the piece …the greatest way to increase the internet use is to have more basic’s…like affordable computers…….

Note: Most people do not know that the US Government does in fact have a very central position in this companies technical operation, and that the company is located in Marina Del Ray, California…..Also that the company’s protocols are voluntary……….

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