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Second Gaza Bound Irish registry ship boarded without incident…… Will go to Israeli Port instead

Having been stung by the overly military operation against an unarmed ship trying to ferry supplies to Gaza…

The Israeli Naval units this time toned it down……

No Helo assaults….

No gunfire…..

Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu is discussing ways to let aim ships get thru to Gaza with the President and the British…..

The non-violent approach aced the guns on this one….

“The use of force was unnecessary and no shots were fired,” it said. The navy was escorting the Rachel Corrie and its crew to the Israeli port of Ashdod. The statement said the boarding of the ship was done “with the full compliance of the ship’s crew members.”

Activists onboard the Rachel Corrie spotted two Israeli warships tailing the aid ship Saturday morning, news services reported. The navy “issued numerous calls” for the ship to change course but “the calls were ignored,” the Israeli statement said. “It became clear that the boat intended to reach Gaza’s shores”.

The navy boarded the Rachel Corrie by coming alongside it in boats rather than using a helicopter, as Israeli forces did on Monday when they seized a larger Turkish aid ship. Nine civilians, including an American citizen, were killed in clashes aboard the Mavi Marmara.

Israel pledged Friday to stop the Rachel Corrie from reaching Gaza. Israel stressed that it had “no desire for a confrontation” after the clashes aboard the Turkish ship. Officials said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu was weighing possible changes that might allow some aid vessels to reach Gaza if they first submitted to inspections in non-Israeli ports.

Netanyahu has rejected calls to lift the blockade of Gaza, which the Israel government says is intended to prevent the development of weapons that can be used for cross-border attacks and to isolate and marginalize the anti-Hamas regime.


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