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Guns in America…..to have or not….a rational discussion is needed…..

In Blowback posting in the LA Times , Richard Feldman decries the emotionalism of the gun vs anti-gun factions in this country ( And a Dec. 1st, NY Times editorial linking the death of the four Washington state police officers, and gun posssesion…the story was “Crazy about guns“)………..and he brings some interesting points…..in the major cities of this country gun ownership is frowned on….get away from the cities and people want their guns…..

The issue is so toxic that democrats won’t touch it…..and Mayor “Money Mike ” Bloomberg is so against them that he’s invaded other state ‘s than New York to do publicity stunts about the ease of purchasing them…..

Feldman makes these points…..

What is missing from The Times’ editorial and from the ongoing national debate is the following:

First, we need to recognize that guns are present in more than 40% of all homes in this country — like it or not. Any credible discussion of this issue must acknowledge that reality.

Second, gun owners and non-gun owners alike are in universal agreement in this country that violent, predatory criminals should not possess, have access to nor easily obtain firearms.

Third, we all wish that mentally troubled individuals would not own, possess or acquire guns.

The issue can dealt with as it today…do nothing…or the issue can be rationally, and somewhat emotionally be discussed…..but the fact remains that a lot of people want their guns…and a lot of people don’t want them to have them…..it depends on were you live….

……we need to able to talk about this subject in a rational way…..and people need to be safe….wherever they live,  from bad people with guns….

Note: Feldman is a legal gun owner and a member of the NRA……

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Washington D.C. voting rights held hostage by NRA stance on local Gun law……

The people of the nations capital have been trying to get right to vote (The Districts House member, Eleanor Holmes Norton, does not actually have the right to cast a vote in Congress) for a long time……they thought they might get there  with a tack on to the current Defense Spending bill being reconciled by the House and the Senate right now…..But that’s not gonna happen….Why?

It seems that nobody up on the Hill is gonna have the NRA mad at them…..The folks in DC had in place a restrictive gun law for its citizen since 1976…some one sued against it and the issue ended up going to the Supreme Court last year, which ruled that people have right to own arms….but ……”…the justices in the majority “are aware of the problem of handgun violence in this country” and believe the Constitution “leaves the District of Columbia a variety of tools for combating that problem, including some measures regulating handguns.”

So the District still has the ability to regulate gun ownership……something the NRA is against..

The whole issue is toxic…national democrats won’t touch it remembering how the NRA was able to muster votes against Al Gore in key state in his run for president……

So….The District’s right to vote remains held hostage to the NRA……..

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