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Israeli President gives Iran a warning…….

Shimon Peres conveyed it at the Jewish state annual memorial day ceremonies……

‘Iran is a danger to the whole civilized world, not just Israel’, President Shimon Peres warned Sunday, setting an especially somber tone for his nation’s annual memorial day for soldiers and civilians killed in wars and terror attacks.

Alluding to Iran’s nuclear program, Peres said the country threatens to annihilate Israel. ”On no account must we underestimate these threats,” he said. ”Nor should our enemies underestimate our capabilities.”

Israel has been urging the world community to impose stiff sanctions on Iran to force it to abandon its nuclear program, but Israel has not taken the option of a military strike against Iran off the table.

Israel, the U.S. and others believe Iran is trying to build nuclear weapons. Iran insists its nuclear program is peaceful.

Speaking at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem before relatives of fallen soldiers, Peres added, ”A threat to the peace of the Jewish people always carries the danger of turning into a threat to the civilized world as a whole.”


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The President goes on the road to Prague for the START signing……

Here’s the Link……....

More Photo’s…….

US President Barack Obama´s speech in the Czech capital

Standing next to the Prague Castle, seat of the Czech President, and with towers of St Nicholas church as his background, the US President Barack Obama proposed measures to reduce and eventually eliminate existing nuclear arsenals, halt proliferation of nuclear weapons, and prevent terrorists from acquiring nuclear weapons or materials. The US President called for efforts to strengthen the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to ensure access to peaceful nuclear power while minimizing the risk of nuclear proliferation. He also condemned the North Korean missile test, which happened a mere six hours earlier. Later that day, President Obama took part in European Union-United States summit, where he met leaders of 27-strong European Union, which is now presided by the Czech Republic.

Full text of the speech can be found here.


PRAGUE (AP) — It’s not easy to say “Velvet Revolution” in Czech, but President Barack Obama came off sounding almost like a native speaker.

“Sametova Revoluce,” he told the crowd that packed a Prague square for his speech Sunday, recalling how the former Czechoslovakia peacefully shook off communism in 1989.

Cheers went up as the phrase rolled off the president’s tongue.

Obama went on to evoke the memory of Tomas Garrigue Masaryk, who helped found Czechoslovakia as an independent nation in 1918 and served as the country’s first president. Masaryk, he noted, spent time in Obama’s hometown: Chicago.

Among the locals who were impressed was Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek.

“I was almost surprised how much the U.S. president highlighted the Czech experience in his speech,” Topolanek said afterward.


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The United States and Russia will extend the START 1 (nuclear weapons) treaty…..

With the old START 1 treaty running out tomorrow, Satuarday…that’s good news for both countires and the planet…..

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