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Daniel…..Ohio Governor & Senate: Democrats narrowly ahead in both Contests according to a new Quinnipiac University Survey released this morning…..

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Democrats are holding slender leads in the Ohio Governor & Senate Races according to a new Quinnipiac University Survey released early this morning.

In the Governor Race Incumbent Governor Ted Strickland (D-OH) leads former U. S. Rep. John Kasich (R-OH) by 6 Points while in the Open Senate Contest Lieutenant Governor Lee Fisher (D-OH) and Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (D-OH) are leading presumptive Republican Nominee former U. S. Rep. Robert J. “Rob” Portman (R-OH) by 3 and 4 Points.
Remainder: Q-Pac released a Democratic Primary Survey for the Senate Race yesterday showing Fisher 17 Points ahead of Brunner.

Quinnipiac University Survey

Ohio Governor 2010

General Election

[ Strickland ]

Incumbent Governor Ted Strickland (D)  44 %
Former U. S. Rep. John Kasich (R)  38 %
Others  1 %
Undecided  17 %

Major Candidates Campaign Websites:


Ohio Senate 2010

General Election

[ Brunner and Fisher ]

Ohio Lieutenant Governor Lee Irwin Fisher (D)  40 %
Former U. S. Rep. Robert “Rob” Portman (R)  37 %
Others  1 %
Undecided  21 %

Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner (D)  40 %
Former U. S. Rep. Robert “Rob” Portman (R)  37 %
Others  1 %
Undecided  21 %



Major Candidates Campaign Websites:



Thanks to lot of TV-Ad Time Democrats may have moved into a very slight lead here. This will change once the Democratic Primary is resolved on Tuesday.

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Merlin Update…..Ohio Governor race…..

Hi Dog again!

Fmr. Rep. John Kasich (R) still has the edge over Incumbent Governor Ted Strickland, although Strickland has  narrowed the gap from a 9 point deficit, in early December, to a 7-Point deficit in January.

Kasich is supposed to announce his Running Mate at a 3 pm ET Press Conference. If Reports are to be believed, State Auditor Mary Taylor will join him on the Governor Ticket. Early Observations in the Buckeye State are that Taylor will boost his Chances even further.

Rasmussen Survey

Ohio Governor 2010

Fmr. Rep. John Kasich (R)  47 %   (48)
Ind. Governor Ted Strickland (D)  40 %   (39)
Others  4 %
Undecided  8 %



Kasich selects Taylor as Running Mate.


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