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Daniel…….Polling Summary for Tuesday, 25th May, 2010

Hello Folks!

Here is my Polling Summary for today:

Georgia Senate:

Isakson (R)  57 %  ,  Thurmond (D)  30 %  (Rasmussen Reports Survey)
Arkansas Governor:
Beebe (D)  53 %  ,  Keet (R)  38 %  (Rasmussen Reports Survey)

Oregon Governor:

Dudley (R)  45 %  ,  Kitzhaber (D)  44 %  (Rasmussen Reports Survey)


When RAS polled this Race before the Primary and had both Candidates tied at 41 % I first thought this was a joke. Hell no folks, it isn’t. Athough I still seriously doubt Dudley is going to win this Poll bodes very well for Rossi in neighboring Washington State. Sounds like Democrats having real difficulties in their Western Base States.

SC-GOV GOP Primary:

Haley  39 %  ,  McMaster  18 %  ,  G. Barrett  16 %  ,  Bauer  13 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)

SC-GOV DEM Primary:

Sheheen  36 %  ,  Rex  30 %  ,  Ford  11 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)

CA-GOV GOP Primary:

Whitman  51 %  ,  Poizner  26 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)

CA-SEN GOP Primary:

Fiorina  41 %  ,  Campbell  21 %  ,  DeVore  16 %  (Public Policy Polling Survey)


This morning I said SUSA seemed to be a little erratic on their California Survey. Well folks, maybe not. PPP finds similar Results to SUSA.

Daniel G.

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Daniel……Reviewing Tuesdays Primaries: 4. Oregon

Hello Folks!

Review of Oregon Primary:

4. Oregon (Beaver State)

Races for November

Oregon Governor

Former Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber (D)
Former NBA Professional Chris Dudley (R)

United States Senate

Incumbent Senator Ron Wyden (D)
Jim Huffman (R)

OR 1st Congressional District

Incumbent U. S. Rep. David Wu (D)
Rob Cornilles (R)

OR 2nd Congressional District

Incumbent U. S. Rep. Greg Walden (R)
Joyce B. Segers (D)

OR 3rd Congressional District

Incumbent U. S. Earl Blumenauer (D)
Delia Lopez (R)

OR 4th Congressional District

Incumbent U. S. Rep. Peter A. DeFazio (D)
Art Robinson (R)

OR 5th Congressional District

Incumbent U. S. Rep. Kurt Schrader (D)
Scott Bruun (R)

Daniel G.

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Daniel with Part 1,2 and 3 of the May 18 Primary Primer…… A Viewers Guide for Kentucky, Arkansas, Pennsylvania and Oregon………..

Hello Folks!

Today is  “The Dogs” GIGANTIC Multiple State Primaries  ………..IT’S TIME to preview our “HOT RACES” for this May18th.

We’ll will have the “Special Election Night Results Thread” starting at 5pm ET on May 18th + GET READY FOR A POTENTIALLY VERY LONG NIGHT.

To keep EVERYBODY updated about those 4 States here is the Viewer Guide:

Kentucky (Bluegrass State): First Polls close at 6pm ET and all Polls will be closed at 7pm ET:

Two “Hot Races” here:

KY-SEN Republican Primary:

Establishment Candidate C. M. “Trey” Grayson vs. Challenger Dr. Randall “Rand” Paul

Will the Tea Parties claim another Scalp of Republicans? Republican Senate Minority Leader  Mitch McConnell (R-KY) handpicked Grayson for this Race, yet the Kentucky Secretary of State ran a horrible Campaign to date and didn’t really connect with Conservative Voters. Paul is leading in the Polls from anywhere between 10-15 Points.

I expect Paul to prevail over Grayson 45-35.

KY-SEN Democratic Primary:

Lt. Governor Daniel “Dr. Dan” Mongiardo vs. Attorney General Jack Conway

Mongiardo was endorsed by his Chief Governor Steve Beshear (D-KY) early on in this Campaign while Attorney General Conway ramped up the Washington Insider Endorsements from the DSCC and his two Kentucky Congressman John Yarmuth and Ben Chandler. Auditor “Crit” Luallen endorsed him also. Both, Chandler and Luallen themselves briefly considered jumping into this Race. Conway was pretty much flat-footed until the Final Weeks of the Campaign and closed the early Polling Gap with Mongiardo.
Will it be enough?

Toss-Up Race for me. Impossible to predict a Winner. Race could go into the later Hours of the Evening. I will re-evaluate this Race over the coming Days.

KY 6th Congressional District (Incumbent Democrat A. B. “Ben” Chandler):

6 Republicans vying to face Chandler in the Fall with former Attorney & Congressional Aide Andy Barr (R-KY) looking the strongest Candidate. Until the Defeat of Rep. Mollohan in WV Chandler had little to fear. Now that Mollohan was defeated and KY-6 borders WV-1 this Seat could move in more competitive Regions.

I expect Barr to prevail over his 5 Challengers.

Daniel G.

Note:…….There are two more parts to the May 18 preview….check below…….

Daniel’s Page #2…….Link……..Pennsylvana and Oregon

Daniel’s Page #3…….Link……..Arkansas

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