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The PoliticalDog Calls for the Florida Senate and Governor races at this time…….

The Dog and its resident Merlin here by make these projections in the Florida senate  and governor race…..at this time….
FL-SEN GOP Primary

Charlie Crist  50,52 %
Marco Rubio  47,85 %
Others 1,63 %

FL-SEN General Election

Charlie Crist (R)  56,55 %
Kendrick Meek (D)  43,45 %

Marco Rubio (R)  58,48 %
Kendrick Meek (D)  41,52 %


Bill McCollum (R)  49,42 %
Alex Sink (D)  48,35 %
Others  2,23 %

Note:….While  our resident Merlin points out that Meek is behind all known republicans….I have to remind our Merlin that there is a year to go…and Mr. Meek can expect Rubio’s hard right turn to turn off quite a few democrats, indie’s and moderate GOPer’s…that’s Meek’s sweet spot…..

Our Merlin’s call on the governor race is….’The Governor Race is close particular because Sink gets more Votes out of Southern Florida (Gold Coast; Broward, Palm Beach and Dade Counties) than McCollum gets out of the Panhandle. Both Candidates are essentially tied in the I-4 Corridor getting 48 % each.’

As always remember…… we’re not pollster’s, our resident Merlin does have some sort of thing cooking in his back room that spits this stuff out….and so far it’s pretty good, even if I don’t like the reults a lot of times…..

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The Political Dog read on Connecticut and Arkansas senate races, at this time……

Our feel for the two senate races is this…….

Connecticut Senate 2010

Dodd in peril. Senior Senator of the Nutmeg State trails Challenger by quite some margin. While it isn’t by the 13-Point double-digit margin current Polls suggesting Dodd is highly vulnerable. The good thing for him: He’s well over 40 %

Rob Simmons (R) 54, 57 %
Chris Dodd (D) 45,43 %

Arkansas Senate 2010

Lincoln vulnerable but State (History, Patterns, Trends) of her Senate Seat working in her favor AND again the Senator is not in the low 40ties everyone supposed to believe.

Gilbert Baker (R) 52,43 %
Blanche Lincoln (D) 47,57 %

Dodd while in trouble can expect some visits by Air Force One carry a President that needs every democratic senator he can get…remember he has a history with the states voters……he’ll have to come home more often…doing the nations work…doesn’t always translate to local votes…..

Blanche Lincoln voted for the Healthcare Bill and is getting beat up for it (pro-lifers)….she has a little less than a year to manuever…if the dem’s let her go the right on a few issues in the spring, she will be okay……

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