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The Port Authority and Silverstein make a deal on the Ground Zero construction….

We kinda knew this was coming…..

Silverstein will have to pony up more money this time…..


[ Cranes stand on the construction site of World Trade Center Tower 4. ]

Mr. Silverstein, who signed a 99-year lease for the World Trade Center six weeks before it was destroyed, has the right to build three office towers on the eastern end of the site. While work on other parts of the site, including a memorial, is under way, the sluggish progress at the 16-acre site has been an embarrassment for civic leaders.

Mr. Silverstein already has begun construction of his first tower. Under the agreement, foundation work on the second tower will begin immediately. The parties agreed that his third tower would get no public financing, which means it likely won’t be built until the real-estate market improves. The entire site will be built to street level to allow other parts of the development to move forward, and to avoid leaving a hole in the ground where the third building eventually might be built.

The agreement comes two weeks after an arbitration panel issued a ruling giving the Port Authority and Mr. Silverstein a March 12 deadline to agree to a construction timetable. Although they missed the deadline, it spurred both of them back to the negotiating table.

While New York officials and Mr. Silverstein issued statements lauding the accord Thursday, New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie aired concern about the use of taxpayer dollars. New Jersey runs the Port Authority with New York.

“I remain steadfast that any final agreement protect the taxpayers, commuters and toll payers of New Jersey and New York,” Mr. Christie said in a statement.


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The Port Authority needs to send Larry Silverstain packing from the World Trade Center site………

The developer has been a thorn in the side of the Port Authority, The state ‘s of New York and New Jersey, The City of New York and everybody else…while the developer has done a good job with his own projects….one get the idea that his meddling in the project had become counter-productive to moving ahead with the rebuilding at the site……

I’m no lawyer but at some point people have to say enough….even if the State’s (who co own the Authority) have to get some government help in divorcing the developer from the operation….

…..enough is enough……

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The new World Trade Center construction reaches the fifth floor!

Here’s a link to the Port Authority of NY & NJ…the owners and builders of the building……..

It’s great to see the building rising up out of the pit…….

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The World Trade Center rises again in New York City…….

The World Trade Center is rising from the bedrock of Manhattan Island, after a lot trash talking, political posturing, lawsuits and insurance company wriggling…….

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey, the owners and builders of the original two buildings, is on its way to has begun resurrecting One World Trade Center in lower Manhattan……

The steel is going up, and they are moving through the fourth floor on their way to the top of the building 1,776 feet above ground…..here are pictures and video’s of the progress of the building…..in addition, the Port Authority is also working a Transportation Center, Memorial Building and Vehicle Security Center ….along with covering the PATH line under the construction Deck……

The entire project is scheduled to be done by 2014…..three years after then Governor Pataki promised, and 13 years after the tragedy of September 11, 2001…..in addition, the Port Authority is unsure if all the originally planned buildings will ever be built (Buildings 2, 3, and 4)

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THe USS New York comes home to the City to be christened……the ship has WTC steel in it……

The ship, the USS New York, the US Navy’s newest, is a amphibous transport, that carries Marines and their equipment, and was built by Northrop Grunman Ship Systems in Avondale, La…….the ship has 7.5 tons of steel in its bow,  that came from the New York and New Jersey’s Port Authority’s World Trade Center after 9-11……

The ship will be commissioned in New York  this week……

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The Port Authority of NY &NJ is looking to give away pieces of the 9/11 World Trade Center…..

The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has granted  35 requests from police, fire and governmental agencies to pay tribute to September 11, 2001, by obtaining select pieces of the building’s steel, wrecked response vehicles, or other debris from its preserved recovered collection stored at JFK Airport.  The New York Times spotlights the warehoused pieces with a article and pictorial……..

They are currently looking for more groups interested in obtaining recovered pieces form the area to honor the memory of that fateful day for America…………..

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