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The White House trys to wring more money out of BP on claims…..

Under media pressure on the BP adherence to paying no more than the standard amount for claims for oil related loses….

Thad Allen has voiced concern for how and how much BP is paying out on claims…..

Allen and the White House can’t legally  tell BP what to spend as long as the company follows it’s published guidelines which I’m sure are not written for something this catastrophic….

As I have indicated before….

While the public pressure is out there….

The government is actually just a bystander on this whole affair……

BP (  a Private Company ) IS running the show…..

In addition, this cry for transparency….. is in fact media driven…..

At their own risk mind you…

BP does not have to tell the press a thing…

The oil isn’t owned by the government, neither was the equipment drawing it out of the earth….

You will notice….

Allen does the presser’s……

The company  does have to follow US rules and regulations on HOW to manage that operation…

And they are going to pay dearly for any transgressions….

And money spend by the government to manage and clean up the spill….

Adm. Thad Allen, the national incident commander in charge of the response to the spill, wrote BP CEO Tony Hayward to request a wide swath of information on how the oil company has dealt with claims against it.

“We need complete, ongoing transparency into BP’s claims process, including detailed information on how claims are being evaluated, how payment amounts are being calculated and how quickly claims are being processed,” Allen wrote in a letter on Tuesday that was released Wednesday morning by the White House.

“To that end, I am directing that you provide the National Incident Command (NIC) and appropriate representatives of the state governments with information we need to meet our responsibilities to our citizens.”

Allen asked Hayward to allow access to information as quickly as possible on how the company is processing claims online, as well as information on BP’s plans to pay out claims going forward.

The Coast Guard admiral’s letter comes against a backdrop in which President Barack Obama has warned BP against “nickel-and-diming” Gulf Coast residents whose livelihoods have been adversely affected by the oil spill.


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