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The Market climbs back over 10,000 points……

The New York Stock Exchange’s Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 192 points today to close back over 10,000 at 10,005.96……while thew market lost over 250 points in the last week and half …it is staying within a 200 to 3o0 point range these days….…

The reason for todays boost was the release of good news on jobs…and worker productivity….while this news was good for the market…it is a warning that employer’s are getting more out the workers they have, which in turn should mean that some jobs are not going to come back….…in addition, retailers are beginning to make more sales (the second month in a row) and they hope to have a good holiday season….

All in all….This day is an example of the fact that the country’s economy is growing slowly…even though most people don’t really feel it….


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