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Rand Paul Lobs Lewinsky Attack At Bill Clinton…..





Rand Paul Bill Clinton Lewinsky Attack


He didn’t go there did he?


Rand Paul took a harsh line against Bill Clinton on Monday, attacking him with a below-the-belt jab focused on the former president’s sexual indiscretions with White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

“I’m not sure I would trust a guy who had had sexual relations with an intern,” Paul said, responding to Clinton’s campaign efforts for his Democratic rival Jack Conway earlier in the day, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports. “I mean, do you think he’s an honorable person?”

Paul continued:

“They complain they want all these workplace rules. Do you think there ought to be a law against having, using the prerogatives of your position and your power of your job, to have relations with an intern? I think that’s disgusting. It gets to the point where we discount what he says. He showed himself less than honorable in office.”

Earlier in the day, Clinton, speaking at the University of Kentucky, praised Conway and bashed Paul as part of a GOP that was intent on “playing” voters……


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ScottP on Rand Paul’s certifications…….

Speaking of fabrications, it appears Rand Paul isn’t certified by the state board of opthamologists like he claims he is on his campaign website. When questioned about it his response was “what does this have to do with the election?”.

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ScottP on Rand Paul's certifications…….

Speaking of fabrications, it appears Rand Paul isn’t certified by the state board of opthamologists like he claims he is on his campaign website. When questioned about it his response was “what does this have to do with the election?”.

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Another Tea Partier re-joins the GOP……..Rand Paul….

Am I surprised?


Politcs 101….

Primary Republicans run hard right….

General election come back to the middle right….


Raise money…

Just as Sharron Angle is doing in Nevada….

Rand Paul is coming home to the GOP…..

Sharron Angle, Rand Paul

Even though Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell stood with the GOP establishment candidate in his home state of Kentucky, he will now host a June 24 fundraiser in Washington for Paul hosted by the Republican Senatorial Committee, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Asked if the embrace of the GOP national establishment might hurt Paul with his supporters, University of Virginia political scientist Larry Sabato told the Courier-Journal, “”I think they’re pretty set on him. They like him. They’re going to forgive a lot because they believe that deep down in his core he’s with them. They also understand he’s got to do some things to patch up the rift with McConnell and the mainstream, establishment Republicans.”

Back home in Kentucky, Republicans were trying to knit back together Paul’s movement with the wing of the party that backed Secretary of State Trey Grayson, the Lexington Herald-Leaderreported.

There are lingering resentments from the primary. The paper said that some Paul supporters feel the Grayson camp “drove the wedge deep” by not only challenging Paul on policy differences but trying to portray him as a candidate with fringe ideas. On the other side, some Republicans who have had a stake in party activities for years are feeling pushed aside by impatient Tea Party movement activists.

Nevertheless, McConnell, Grayson and the state party have all publicly rallied behind Paul

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Another Rand Paul-ism……Birthright Citizenship?

Like someone said…..

The gift that keeps giving…..

The Media is having a ball digging up his past rants……

This from a past Russian media interview…..

From Politicalwire…….

Just because Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul (R) has sworn off national media doesn’t mean journalists can’t dig through his past statements and interviews. Think Progress found an interview with Russian television in which Paul said he opposes birthright citizenship, something the U.S. Constitution allows.

Said Paul: “We’re the only country I know of that allows people to come in illegally have a baby and then that baby becomes a citizen. And I think that should stop also.”

Ben Smith: “But while the interview is hilarious and the position is certainly newsy, it should only be news to people who haven’t followed the race, and it’s a mark of how little attention Paul was paid before winning the nomination.”

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Rand Paul changes campaign managers…..

Can he change himself next?….

Kentucky Senate candidate Rand Paul has replaced his campaign manager with a former communications aide to his father’s presidential campaign, an aide to Paul tells POLITICO.

Jesse Benton, who served as communications director for Rep. Ron Paul’s 2008 presidential bid, will take the official title as campaign manager, replacing David Adams.

Adams will remain on the team and serve as campaign chairman.

The shuffle comes a week after the GOP nominee caused an media firestorm by making ambiguous comments about his support for the Civil Rights Act.


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Rand Paul goes after Obama….. to change the subject from himself…..

Rand Paul announced to all that would listen today……. that President Obama criticism of oil giant BP “sounds un-American.”……..

“What I don’t like from the president’s administration is this sort of ‘I’ll put my boot heel on the throat of BP,'” he said on ABC’s “Good Morning America” program. “I think that sounds really un-American in his criticism of business.”

Paul’s comments come a day after he found himself in hot water over his questioning of the legality of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, saying that government should allow private businesses to discriminate.

The eye doctor won the GOP Senate primary in the Bluegrass State over Kentucky Secretary of State Trey Grayson, the establishment favorite.

To underscore the scrutiny he has already received, at the top of the show, Paulasked host George Stephanopoulos, “When does my honeymoon start?”

The son of libertarian Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) said that most environmental and oil regulation is justified, but it is bad to place blame on individual companies……

Mr. Paul might have a bit of a point…But BP owns the oil rig and pipe the oil is coming out of and they are going to have their lumps…..Especiallyt from the President …who is going to take HIS lumps before this whole thing is over……

Obama commented on the oil companies CEO’s that took the ‘it ‘s not me…its  the other guy’ tactic before Congress last week…..

Paul is not going to escape more questioning on his 1964 Civil Rights Bill comments anytime soon…..

But any publicity IS publicity…good…or…BAD…..and he’s getting it…FREE!


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Is Rand Paul 25% ahead in the Kentucky Senate race…or 1%?

Nate Silver over @ FiveThirtyEight. has an interesting piece on the Rand Paul lead in the new Rasmussen poll…….

Unless you’ve been asleep for the past 24 hours……

You know that Rand Paul has run into a buzzsaw over his comments about the 1964 Civil Rights Bill……

Silver questions the Rasmussen 25% lead right off the bat…then correctly questions whether Paul is gonna have those numbers after the last 24 hours anyways…..

Pollster’s combined average has Paul ahead only by 1%…..

What’s the story here?

From Silver…….

I don’t quite know what to make of the new Rasmussen poll showing Rand Paul 25 (!) points ahead of fellow primary winner Jack Conway in Kentucky.

Paul has had a bad 24 hours in the Beltway media environment. Do I think that has any relevance whatsoever for Kentucky, a state which is culturally about as far removed from the Beltway as you can get? No, not really; it may even be a contrarian indicator. Nor is it unusual to see candidates get bounces after primary victories, although they often prove to be fleeting.

But. Rasmussen had shown a particularly large house effect in this race. Whereas the Pollster.com trendline of all non-Rasmussen polls had shown Paul ahead by just 1 point, Rasmussen’s trendline had him up by 15, even prior to this poll being released.

There’s More…

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Rand Paul announces that he would support Private employers discrimination by race?…..

You read that right……

Rand Paul the current GOP, Tea Party nominee for the United States Senate from Kentucky defended private employees rights to discriminate based on race…

He further goes on to say that the 1964 Civil Rights Law was wrong in taking away that right from those private employers….

He didn’t misspeak…..

He gave that same opinion on the MSNC Racheal Maddow show and at NPR……

Maddow: Do you think that a private business has a right to say that ‘We don’t serve black people?’

Paul: I’m not in favor of any discrimination of any form. I would never belong to any club that excluded anybody for race. We still do have private clubs in America that can discriminate based on race. But do discriminate.

But I think what’s important in this debate is not getting into any specific “gotcha” on this, but asking the question ‘What about freedom of speech?’ Should we limit speech from people we find abhorrent. Should we limit racists from speaking. I don’t want to be associated with those people, but I also don’t want to limit their speech in any way in the sense that we tolerate boorish and uncivilized behavior because that’s one of the things that freedom requires is that
we allow people to be boorish and uncivilized, but that doesn’t mean we approve of it…


Let me get this straight….The First Amemendement should makes it ok to tell someone they can’t eat in your dinner?

I’m not saying the guy is a racist…..I’m questioning his thought process…..he’s in line to become a United Sates Senator…..

It’s REAL now……

From Jonathan Singer @ MyDD……

Here’s an illustrative exchange from the NPR interview:

SIEGEL: But it’s been one of the major developments in American history in the course of your life. I mean, do you think the ’64 Civil Rights Act or the ADA for that matter were just overreaches and that business shouldn’t be bothered by people with the basis in law to sue them for redress?Dr. PAUL: Right. I think a lot of things could be handled locally. For example, I think that we should try to do everything we can to allow for people with disabilities and handicaps. You know, we do it in our office with wheelchair ramps and things like that. I think if you have a two-story office and you hire someone who’s handicapped, it might be reasonable to let him have an office on the first floor rather than the government saying you have to have a $100,000 elevator. And I think when you get to the solutions like that, the more local the better, and the more common sense the decisions are, rather than having a federal government make those decisions.

The problem with this view is apparent to just about anyone who lives in a world of reality rather than ideology. It is fine enough to believe that, in theory, individuals’ contractual and property rights should not be trampled on by the state, and that, what’s more, the market will solve all problems. But the fact is the market did not solve the problem of institutional racism. It took state action, not only in directing state actors but also in directing the practices of private individuals like the ones who owned restaurants. The same can be said about the Americans with Disabilities Act, which like the Civil Rights Act restricted individual action to ensure access for those who otherwise might be denied access. The good acts of individual property owners to accommodate their workers in the ways described by Paul in his NPR interview are important — but they were not enough. Only when the state stepped in were the rights of the disabled to access restaurants and other accommodations ensured.

This isn’t to say that Paul is racist or biased against the disabled. He’s not. He holds a principled stance against federal action to regulate private action in these areas. But this stance, when the manifested as the law of the land prior to enactment of the Civil Rights Act in 1964, enabled institutional racism to occur. That’s a fact. And that’s a problem for Paul because it’s hard to imagine many Americans, or Kentuckians specifically, want to go back to a period in which segregated lunch counters, whether on the basis of race or disability, are condoned under the law.



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Daniel…..Rand Paul…Has a good night……BREAKING NEWS: Physician Randall "Rand" Paul" (R-Kentucky) wins Republican Senate Primary

Hello Folks!

We’ve the first BIG Primary Winner of tonight. With just over 30 % of Precincts reported in the Bluegrass State the AP calls the Kentucky Republican Senate Primary for Randall “Rand” Paul (R-KY).

Daniel G.

From the Fix……

Rand Paul, Tea Party score sweeping win in KY-Senate

Ophthalmologist Rand Paul won the Kentucky Senate Republican primary, soundly beating Secretary of State Trey Grayson and scoring a major victory for the nascent tea party movement nationwide.

“I have a message from the tea party,” said Paul at his victory speech. “We’ve come to take our government back.” He added: “this tea party movement is a message to Washington that we are unhappy and we want things done differently.”

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