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BP starts paying out claims……The standard amounts……The toll will get worst to the environment before getting better

The Oil giant with the leak running is going  ‘by the book’ on playing claims for lost service and thinks…

The money comes eventually…

The checks will be cashed……

But it will not cover the real value of loses….

Lawsuits are sure come…..

But they will be affected by those who accept the cash payouts….

Darryl Willis, a vice president of BP America who is in charge of the claims process, said the company would honor all legitimate claims. “We will make these payments for as long as it takes,” he said in a conference call with reporters on Saturday.

Mr. Willis said that BP had initially decided to pay all captains $5,000 a month and all deckhands $2,500 to get the process moving, but that they would readjust and pay more to people who could show that they were losing more because of the spill. And he said claims adjusters were trying to work with people who lacked documentation, by accepting pay stubs or bank statements from some claimants who lacked tax forms.

But some people are still struggling to get their claims paid. As she left First Mount Zion Baptist Church in Empire, Darvin Riley, 38, said she was having trouble getting her $2,500 check for the work she had missed as a deckhand on her brother’s shrimp boat, the Captain Kaden, because some of his paperwork was out of date. “We’re not going out, and we’re not making any money,” she said.

But for the most part, said Clint Guidry, the acting president of the Louisiana Shrimp Association, the problem is not that BP is not paying claims, but that the claims it is paying are too small. “It’s kind of like having a really good job and then getting injured,” he said. “You get worker’s comp. But try paying your bills with that.”

Some lawyers see another possible problem with the claims process: it may delay lawsuits. Stuart Smith, an environmental lawyer in New Orleans, said that by paying the claims, BP may be able to forestall some lawsuits, which can be filed only if claims against the company have not been resolved within 90 days. “So you set up this massive claims process that is directed and controlled by the corporate polluter,” Mr. Smith said. “You have to talk to BP before you go to court. It’s outrageous.”

The anger at BP is evident here, with signs stapled to telephone poles and houses with messages like “President Obama, BP took my money. Where’s my change?” and “BP = Bayou Polluters” and “Where the hell is my money, BP?”



BP is sending another tanker to collect more oil….and the President explains things will get worst before getting better in August after the relief wellsenable BP to cut off the leak…

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