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Kendrick Meek?…..

Ok…I ‘ve been pushing Meek in the Florida Senate race for sometime…

I always thought Rubio running right made things reachable for Meek…..

And I have to listen to Daniel about Rubio…. all the time…

With Crist going Indie….. what can I expect?


Mark Blumenthal over @ Pollester.Com has me smiling ……a little Bit…….

Why doesn’t Kendrick Meek get more respect?

For the last few months, when talk turns to Florida, political pundits have focused on the meteoric rise of Marco Rubio over Charlie Crist in the state’s Republican primary for Senate. And today, with a new poll from Quinnipiac University showing Rubio opening up “an elephant sized 56-33 lead” over Crist, the commentariat seems more taken with the possibility of Crist running as an independent. The same survey shows Crist with a not-quite-statistically-significant 32% to 30% lead over Rubio in a three-way race with Meek, trailing at 24%.

But largely lost in this discussion are two important findings: First, in the most likely match-up for the fall, Quinnipiac shows Rubio leading Kendrick Meek by just six percentage points (42% to 38%). That’s roughly the same margin as on the current trend estimate on our chart (43.7% to 38.5%). By that measure, Meek currently runs closer to his likely Republican opponent than do incumbent Democratic Senators Reid (NV), Lincoln (AR), and Specter (PA).


Second, only about a quarter (26%) of the Florida voters surveyed by Quinnipiac currently know Meek well enough to rate him — 18% rate him favorably, 8% unfavorably. Rubio is better known (58% can rate him), but Meek has far more room to grow, and Rubio’s negatives are growing (36% favorable, 22% unfavorable). With four more months of a bruising primary battle still to come, that trend is likely to continue.

Consider some other factors that have gone largely unrecognized: Meek has so far raised a not-insignificant amount of money ($4.6 million as of December), and his campaign pulled off a bit of anhistoric first by qualifying for the ballot by collecting over 140,000 petitions rather than paying a $10,000 fee,

And then there is this potential wild card: Meek can make far bigger history by being the first African American elected Senator in Florida (and in the South since Reconstruction)…….


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As Crist goes…..Meek goes…….

The Dog is watching the Crist and Rubio do their dance…….

If Crist stays in this race as an Independent…..

Well then Rep. Kendrick Meek could very well become the next Senator from Florida……

I’m not sure whether or not to trust this release. On the one hand, it sounds pretty firm, but on the other hand, if Crist really is thinking about running as an Independent, of course he’ll deny it right up the last second. Surely he learned a lesson from the Lieberman in-primary backlash. One also wonders why he would mention Teddy Roosevelt in his press release in this day of Tea Parties. Glenn Beck has demonized TR, turning him into one of America’s most feared historical enemies, and the GOP primary base is eating it up. That sounds more like general election talk than Repub primary speak to me.

Be that as it may, all of this is good news for the Democratic candidate, Rep. Kendrick Meek. TheRCP polling average shows a Crist-Meek matchup at 46.5-32.3 for Crist, with Crist topping 50% in one poll and Meek never doing better than a 9 point loss. Rubio-Meek, however, is just 44.3-35.5, and Meek even pulls within one point in a Research 2000 poll from 3/15-3/17. Throw Crist in the mix and you have to assume he takes more votes from Rubio than from Meek………

More from Nathan Empsall @ MyDD.Com ……

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Meek Trails in Florida Senate Race…….

I know Daniel will have more but……

This from PoliticalWire…….. …….

Democrats once hoped a competitive Republican primary in Florida’s U.S. Senate race might help them pick up that seat. However, a new Rasmussen Reports survey finds Rep. Kendrick Meek (D) trailing both Gov. Charlie Crist (R) and Marco Rubio (R) by significant margins.

Crist leads Meek, 48% to 32%, while Rubio tops Meek, 51% to 31%.

Read more: http://politicalwire.com/archives/2010/02/23/meek_trails_in_florida_senate_race.html#ixzz0gNLOHxIK

Remember…. this is Rasmussen……But Meek does have a hill to climb….the Dog agrees…

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Rep. Meek (D-Fla) and several other Congressmen, and women, are trying to help their constituents with their Haitian issues…

Taking care of their constituents issues and problems arising from the Haitian earthquake will take the immediate time of Rep. Kendrick Meek in Florida and several other ‘s from the nations Congress……

Rep. Kendrick Meek (D-Fla.) will not be returning to Washington for the foreseeable future and he’s not talking about his bid for Senate — not until he’s made a serious dent in the grief his heavily Haitian-American district is feeling.

“He is literally taking individual meetings and phone calls from crying mothers in the district whose children are dead in Haiti. It’s heartbreaking,” said his spokesman Adam Sharon.

Despite the volatile political atmosphere, Meek is among a group of lawmakers who are trying to set politics aside over the next few days, including New York Democrats Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Rep. Yvette Clarke, to help their Haitian-American populations. New York has the second-largest concentration of Haitians in the country.

and the President has implored more members of Congress to follow suit….

“I just want everybody in the House of Representatives to understand this is a moment for American leadership,” Obama said.

Even though he’s running for Senate, Meek has canceled several campaign-related events this week. Rarely seen on national television, he has flooded the cable network shows to talk about the relief efforts he’s coordinating. He has urged the president to temporarily stop deporting Haitians.

Nearly 300 people turned out for Meek’s emergency town hall meeting Thursday, which was organized in only four hours. Many came hoping to volunteer services to the torn country, including a group of doctors who were frustrated they couldn’t get there.

Good constituent services are essential to a politicians job…..and good politics…..

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