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Mitt Romney leads the tight 2012 GOP Sweepstakes for President right now……


Romney Leads Close Republican Race

A new Public Policy Polling survey finds Mitt Romney leading Republican 2012 presidential race with 28% support, followed by Mike Huckabee at 24% and Sarah Palin at 23% and Ron Paul at 11%. However, the only reason Romney leads is that conservatives are split between multiple candidates.

“The main takeaway from these numbers? There continues to not really be a Republican front runner.”

The Dog wants to know..Can Conservative’s live with this?

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Sarah Palin…….What does she want to be?

From PoliticalWire…….. …..

Quote of the Day

“Sarah Palin will have to choose to be either the leader of a movement or the leader of a nation. She can’t be both. Right now, she is a figure like McGovern or Goldwater, two candidates who led the most intense movements in our country’s political history, but who couldn’t win the middle.”

— Republican strategist Alex Castellanos, quoted by the Washington Post.

Humm?……And that’s from a Republican talking head ?

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