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The Special Ops War between the SOCOM and the CIA in Afghanistan and Pakistan….Part 3

The Dog has written two pieces on the Special Ops war in Afghanistan and Pakistan…..

Part 1 Here………….….and Part 2 Here………….

We have Part 3 which clears the Forest from th Tree’s….

In   a piece in the Atlantic….Marc Ambinder flushes out why Part 1 and 2 ended up ….

The issue is …..The CIA has been given Carte Blanche to operate in Afghanistan to hunt and kill bad guys……The Military does not….

The orignal orders came from Theatre Commander Patreaus from US CEntral Command/CENTCOM

US Special Operators ROE’s* require them to phone home for clearance……

While Ambinder writes that Greg Miller of the Washington Post had an exclusive on the Issue…..

The Dog has been following the issue in two pieces in the New York Times that I have posted up by Mark Mazzetti……

Ambinder goes on to point out that the info in the WashPost and NY Times seem to be systemic leaks by the Special Operations Command/SOCOM ) military complaining about the arrangement that gives the CIA free rein to ‘deal with’ anyone on a approved ‘bad guy’ list and the US service Special Ops teams have to ‘call it in’….

No of course Ambinder relates there is a political Bullshit line that US Troops don’t operate in Pakistan…..So ofcourse the way around that is make sure the people operating in- Country are CIA Operators…NOT Military Operators….

Mazzetti goes into a bit about is the all this stuff legal…..And the Dog points out that the reporter puts in the the Generals prosecuting the war don’t mind getting the ‘takes’ info …no matter where it comes from…..and no one really wants the thing to stop…so the legal question really isn’t an issue…the whole thing works……

Ambinder goes on to confirm that contrary to earlier times…The Paksitanis ARE working with the US and get real time feeds from Prator drones…

When the drones find stuff the Pakistanis get it, SOCOM gets it…..and yes the CIA  intel teams get it…..The difference is the CIa teams can act on it…the SOCOM teams have to again…’phone home’…..

SOCOM’s operators are very much on the periphery of the shooting in Pakistan. They have much freer reign in Afghanistan. But even there, they’re being constrained by the intelligence they receive, and most of the human tips come from the CIA, or are laundered through the CIA’s relationships with foreign intelligence organizations.
SOCOM is not questioning the effectiveness of the drone program. What they want is encapsulated in these paragraphs:

U.S. Special Operations teams in Afghanistan have pushed for years to have wider latitude to carry out raids across the border, arguing that CIA drone strikes do not yield prisoners or other opportunities to gather intelligence. But a 2008 U.S. helicopter raid against a target in Pakistan prompted protests from officials in Islamabad who oppose allowing U.S. soldiers to operate within their country. The CIA has the authority to designate and strike targets in Pakistan without case-by-case approval from the White House. U.S. military forces are currently authorized to carry out unilateral strikes in Pakistan only if solid intelligence were to surface on any of three high-value targets: al-Qaeda leaders Osama bin Laden and Ayman al-Zawahiri, or Taliban chief Mohammad Omar. But even in those cases, the military would need higher-level approval.

Read that carefully. The regular special operations forces have less authority to target … targets than the CIA, a strategic intelligence gathering agency, … IN A WAR. That’s the embedded news in the piece. SOCOM is trying to send a message to policy-makers and the public: they’ve got the capacity to help a lot more then they are helping, and they’re being hamstrung by legal authorities that don’t make sense to them. One point of the joint task force concept embraced by the U.S. Central Command (CENTCOM) and SOCOM is to crowd out the CIA’s paramilitary operations in the Af-Pak war theater.


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