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Jack with our new Alvin Greene/Jim Demint Update…..

Today Vic Rawl filed a formal protest which means the Democratic State Committee will hold a hearing

In my view Rawl doesnt believe that he can overturn the result but is tryinbg to smoke out where Greene got the ten grand to run from

There’s an interesting sidenote to all this that I havent seen mentioned

Most people havent paid attention but Jim DeMint actually had a primary opponent

Her name was Susan Gaddy, a Charleston Lawyer

Like Greene….. she did no campaigning

Republicans loudly denounced her candidacy noting she had supported Obama and was considered a Democrat

I’m wondering if some enterprising Republican decided to similarly screw with the Democrats with the Greene caper?

If Greene’s criminal charges go away….I’m sorry…I don’t see how he can be denied his position running against DeMint….

It is surprising for South Carolina Democrats….

But what can they legally do?

They also had to be asleep at the wheel to let this happen in the first place…..

DeMint seems to be the King in the race……

The Dog….

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