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Hillary Clinton Political funds update…..

Hillary Clinton's allies are maintaining a triad of groups that continue to make her presence felt in the political world. | AP Photo

Here’s an update on the Secretary of State ….. and former Senator’s….. political committee’s …..

Though not against the law per-say…..

Secretaries of State do not usually perform political functions…..(Condi Rice did do some, which was frowned upon )…….

Nearly two years after Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ended her losing presidential campaign and endorsed rival Barack Obama, Clinton’s allies maintain a triad of groups that have continued to make her presence felt in the political world — and could serve as a platform for the next phase of her public life.

Her presidential campaign committee, still in the process of winding down, maintains and makes money off a lasting asset from her presidential bid — an e-mail list of 2.5 million core supporters. Her Senate campaign committee accrues modest interest on a $1.9 million nest egg.

And a thriving foundation called No Limits, founded after Clinton resigned from the Senate to join Obama’s Cabinet, works to burnish her legacy, maintains contact with Clinton supporters and pursues a policy agenda that closely mirrors Clinton’s own — health care and women’s issues.

The three entities operate almost completely apart from Clinton, who is barred by protocol from active involvement in outside groups (particularly those involved in partisan politics). But their operations are intertwined, sharing the same Washington offices and drawing from the same pool of supporters and staff.

The presidential campaign committee, for example, splits the salaries of four employees with Clinton’s Senate campaign committee, and both committees continue paying legal and rent bills and various other operating costs. No Limits has paid the campaign committee $400,000 to use its e-mail list, according to Federal Election Commission filings.

She could always come back and replace Kirsten Gillibrand for her old Senate  seat….I’d love that!

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Condi Rice admits her failings as Secretary of State in Iraq……..

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice gives a speech during a lecture on "Asia's Future" at the Chinese University of Hong Kong Friday, March 19, 2010. (AP Photo/Kin Cheung)

Now that Condi Rice is back in academia….and she’s found her voice and balls…..

I must admit she has been…. In the Dogs eyes ….. A complete failure in public service…..

Rumored to speak Russians and  be very smart …..she was a text book example of what not to be as a National Security Advisor and Secretary of State……

All the woman did was say ‘yes’ to George Bush, and hide when Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld screwed up, and stepped all over her at State…

It very seldom that the Dog comes down so hard on a public servant….but Rice was terrible….awful….

That she admits that she didn’t have a clue  following up on the military action in Iraq…. just confirms my feelings……

Here’s her confession……

Former U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said Friday she would “many times over liberate” Iraq again, but she regretted the Bush administration failed to work closer with Iraqis to rebuild the war-torn country.

Rice, speaking at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, said she believed history would eventually vindicate many of the decisions made during the presidency of George W. Bush.

“I would many times over liberate Iraq again from Saddam Hussein,” Rice said. “I think he was a danger to the Middle East.”

However, she suggested the U.S. government failed to understand “how broken Iraq was as a society” and should have focused its rebuilding efforts outside of Baghdad, the capital.

“We tried to rebuild Iraq from Baghdad out, and we really should have rebuilt Iraq from outside Baghdad in,” she said.

“We should have worked with the tribes, worked in the provinces,” she said, adding that smaller projects should have been favored over big ones.

“That’s something that in retrospect that we finally got right” several years after the 2003 invasion. “And it’s one reason I think Iraq has a chance.”

Rice served Bush as national security adviser and later as America’s chief diplomat. She now is a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution public policy research group at Stanford University.

She is en route to the Chinese island of Hainan for the Boao Forum, an annual conference where executives hobnob with global leaders, early next month.

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Hillary Clinton….one year later…..

I just got finished reading Jonathan Van Meter’s excellent piece in Vogue, on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton….

Hillary Clinton, an enigma to a lot of Americans is a complex, tough, wounded, caring, funny and political human being…who upon entering her 60’s, after doing the hardest thing in her life , has picked herself up, dusted herself off…and moved on…..and I love it….

I was for her during the presidential campaigns and I see why ( though she ran a terrible campaign up until Texas and Ohio, which was too late )…..in Van Meter’s piece he shadows her during a gruelling Africa trip, a day in September at the United Nations and on a stop in Cape Verde. During his time with her he got to see  just about all of the faces of Hillary, that have I described here….


After a bit of spirited chitchat about the TV show Mad Men (“That’s how it was!” she says. “That’s why the women’s-liberation movement was so shocking. It was like news from outer space”) and some ill-advised foreign-policy questions on my part, which seemed to bore her, Clinton’s mood turned on a dime as soon as I shifted the focus to her—her life and her feelings. When I ask her if she can walk me through her career from First Lady, senator, and presidential candidate to Secretary of State, in terms of level of difficulty, job satisfaction, and public scrutiny, she lets out an amazing peal of high-pitched giggles. “They are such different experiences!” she says, still laughing. “It’s like looking at this fruit salad. Do I like peaches better than I like plums better than kiwis?” But then, like the lawyer she was trained to be, she answers me, going through each of the stages of her hugely public life, methodically, clearly, succinctly. But when she gets to the Secretary of State part, she surprises me.

“I was stunned after the election when President Obama asked me to consider this,” she says. “I really was very unconvinced. I did not think it was the right thing to do. I didn’t want to do it. I just really had a lot of doubts, and I kept suggesting other people: Well, how about this person! How about that person! This one would be really good! But then a friend of mine called me and basically said, ‘How would you have felt if you’d been elected and you’d called him and asked him to do this?’ And that really made a big impression on me. How do you say no? And so…I said yes. And here I am.” She laughs and picks up her fork and stabs a kiwi out of her fruit salad and pops it in her mouth


…..” Obama reportedly chided his staff for making fun of Clinton when she cried in New Hampshire: “Give her a break. You don’t know what it’s like.” Another person said this: “She was a pain in the ass, taking him the distance, but she definitely made him a better candidate. And the truth is, it’s that very attribute of not getting out, that resiliency, that doggedness that he saw—that’s what led him to pick her. If she had left the race any earlier, I don’t think she’d be Secretary of State.” (On her desk at the State Department is a plaque inscribed with Winston Churchill’s famous admonition: NEVER, NEVER, NEVER GIVE UP.)


On the way home we land in Cape Verde to refuel and stay the night. We check into an all-inclusive resort that feels like a Sandals. The next morning, I am up at the crack of dawn. I wander down a long path to the ocean and take a swim. I am the only person in sight. On my way back, I see Clinton in the distance with just one security guy, heading toward the ocean. She, too, is going for a swim. It is a bittersweet moment: Hillary Clinton is doing something purely for pleasure, for herself, but she is doing it alone, in a place designed for couples.


There is a corollary to this aspect of Clinton that I noticed in Africa: She mothers the people around her. Janine Zacharia, a reporter for Bloomberg News, had burned herself while cooking a couple of days before the trip. As soon as Clinton saw her bandaged hand she made a fuss, asked her what happened, and wanted to know if she had everything she needed to take care of it. Another time, we were in Goma, in eastern Congo, at an outdoor press conference, and I was getting scorched under the hot sun. While Clinton was speaking, I tried to stealthily move under a tree for shade. When she was finished, she stepped off the stage and walked up to me. “Where’s your hat?” she said, sounding just like my mother. “I forgot it,” I said sheepishly. “Well, we’ll get you one. Someone get Jonathan a hat!” On another occasion, I had foolishly eaten a salad in Liberia, and Clinton heard I was in my hotel room, very ill. The phone rang: “The secretary would like us to bring you some Cipro.” A few minutes later her physician appeared at my door with drugs. She handed me the Cipro and another pill given to chemo patients so that they can stop vomiting long enough to take more drugs. “This stuff is very expensive,” she said in her Texas drawl, “but we made sure to always travel with it ever since Bush, the father, puked all over the prime minister in Japan. I said, ‘Not on my watch.’ ” After the doctor left, an aide appeared. “The secretary asked me to bring you this.” It was a Sprite and a few slices of white bread.


She danced her funky little dance at the dinners held in her honor (as seen on YouTube). In Cape Town, she threw a party for the press and drank with the best of us, talking for more than two hours, into the night, with surprising off-the-record candor about everything from her husband to her disdain for certain world leaders. She’s fun. She laughs at herself. And she is full of surprisingly sharp, pointy little retorts, barbs, and comebacks. On several occasions she drifted to the back of the plane, allowing zesty debates to flower, often asking, “What’s your take?” of different reporters, who hung on her every word. One of them told me his opinion of Hillary had completely turned around: “My parents hated her, and I thought she was a bitch who surrounded herself with horrible people. But she’s nice! She’s really frank and blunt and funny.

Political Human being….

At the convention in Denver, Clinton gave the speech of her life and then went down on the floor and, in a very emotional moment, called off voting, convincingly throwing her weight behind Obama. “She was sucking it up,” says one of her aides. “She was doing what was right for the party and for the country. And it was so transparent. You couldn’t ascribe any other motive to it.”

But the best thing I liked in the piece was this..in Africa …although Hillary was treated as a rock star…

…… but it was the women turning up to touch Hillary who were so moving. I asked one woman in Cape Town why she loved Hillary Clinton. “Because she is an African woman,” she said. “She stayed with her husband, she works hard, and she keeps her family together.”

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The US Secretary of State is in Afghanistan for a surprise visit….

I thought the administration wasn’t happy with the President of Afghanistan, Hamid Karzai?

Why in the Sam Hill would you want to send the United States highest ranking diplomat to his inauguration?

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Condi Rice and Stephen Hadley are forming an consulting firm….

Former Secretary of State Condolezza Rice, and Former National Security Advisor Sephen Hadley, have regiestered the RiceHadley Group LLC in California……the former Bush governmement officals plan to open up shop in the near future…..

Didn’t the democrats win when they lost their jobs?

Okay…I know…. the money IS good on the outside…I get it……..they want some…heck, I don’t blame them

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Secretary of State Clinton is in Pakistan…and is busy……..

The secretary is in Pakistan on the first day of a week long trip…..and she is keeping her security detail busy…..the trip stared with a bomb being set off upon her arrival in that nations capital…but Clinton still managed to hold meetings with the countries President and Foreign Minister, hold a presser, and give out awards to  ‘impoverished Pakistani women’……

Her schedule is booked almost everyday and the Secretary will decide if she will make any other stops in the region (Israel, Afghanistan or West Bank?)…

……The lady sure is busy…………….

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Hillary is now more popular than the President!……

According to a new Gallup poll…the nations Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton has become more popular than her boss…….by going back to being the basic her, working hard,  diving into the work of her job, tending to the basic’s, and doing her traveling, she become popular with the american people all over again……

While President Obama’s popularity increased for few days after the Nobel announcement…his numbers returned to their recent levels quickly……the President has experienced the traditional drop in popularity due issues management,  and Clinton has gone back to being a public icon, without the negatives a working president would earn in doing their job…….

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Hillary does Africa……..

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is in the middle of a 12 day trip through Africa. She is stopping in some places that hasn’t seen an American senior official in a long, long time. Good for her. Hillary, as usual, does a very thorough job when she starts something, and she is doing a good one as America’s foreign affairs secretary………..

Note: in quite a few places she stops in the Chinese have set up shop already…………..

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Bill Clinton is in North Korea at this moment…..

The FPOTUS is there to to try to win the release of the two journalists who have been sentenced to ten years in jail, in that country, during a closed trial. Clinton was sent on the mission by his wife, the Secretary of State, and the current President, Barack Obama……….

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