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Senate Majority Leader Reid is back to having a Energy Bill this month….Putting Off Immigration….

In a scene somewhat resembling Don’t Ask…Din’t Telll…

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has decided to spare his fellow Democrats  and Lindsey Graham grief…

He has punted…..

And will deal with Energy next……. instead of Immigration…..

Latino/Hispanic  groups are now rallying to just get a few important things attached to any up coming legislation…

They have slowly come to the realization that ….

Immigration is just Big and Toxic for Democrats…

Democrats are not in any shape to go Healthcare on Immigration…..

They more ANY President presses on the subject….

The more troops end up being sent to the border….

While wanted Immigration a couple of months ago…

He’s finally looking good in the polls….

He doesn’t need Immigration hurting his comeback….

Hispanics and Latinos really are stuck…

Just like Blacks are with the democratic party…..

He asked eight chairmen to submit recommendations for how the energy bill could address the Gulf oil spill by July 4.

“I would ask that you provide any recommendations or report legislation, if desired, in your Committee’s jurisdiction, before the Fourth of July recess to address the challenges that I have laid out above so it can be incorporated into a comprehensive clean energy bill for consideration during the July work period,” Reid wrote.

Regan Lachapelle, Reid’s spokeswoman, said that comprehensive immigration reform could still move this year.

But Reid has said the timing will depend on pro-immigration groups rounding up enough Republican support.

“The groups were given a couple a weeks to get some Republicans to cosponsor immigration reform and we’re waiting to hear from them,” Lachapelle said.

Pro-immigration advocates such as Robert Gittelson of Conservatives for Comprehensive Immigration Reform report that Senate Republicans have “closed ranks” against broad reform.

Senate insiders view June and July as the final months of the year to pass sweeping legislation through the upper chamber. Senators have scheduled a five-week recess beginning Aug. 7 to give those facing tough re-elections some time to campaign back home.

Historically, politics takes over the agenda during September and October of an election year. Lawmakers tend to focus on political debates on the floor instead of the substantive negotiations necessary to pass broad controversial legislation.

Some advocates of immigration reform are still holding out hope for comprehensive legislation.

Grisella Martinez, director of policy and legislative affairs at the National Immigration Forum, argued that Reid left himself some wiggle room in his Thursday letter to take up immigration before the August recess.

“As majority leader, he has the capacity to bring whatever he wants to the floor,” she said. “If he wants to make time on the calendar he can do something. I don’t see that statement as ruling out the possibility of immigration moving forward.”


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Reid closes in Nevada……

Daniel’s Mason-Dixon poll shows that the Senate Majority Leader has closed on the GOP Senate race runners…

A new Mason-Dixon poll in Nevada shows Sue Lowden (R) barely edging Sharron Angle (R) for the Republican Senate nomination to challenge Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), 30% to 29%, followed by Danny Tarkanian (R) at 23%.

In general election match ups, Lowden leads Reid, 42% to 39%, and Tarkanian leads Reid, 42% to 41%. However, Reid leads Angle, 42% to 39%.

It’s the first poll of this cycle that shows Reid could win re-election.


The Washington Post also does the story……

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Reid sticks to Immigration causing upset stomachs for both parties……

Senate Majority Leader is intent on moving the Immigration Bill up to next on the schedule to the chagrin of Republican’s and Democrats alike….

The subject is toxic for both parties and the right now th votes aren’t there for passage…

This Bill will probably rival the Healthcare Bill

Democrats are afraid that any chance they have of keeping both Houses of Congress could down in flames…..

Republicans are happy feeling that if they hold tight against Immigration that they will be able to make dramatic gains in the South and MidWest along with states with high unemployment still…..

The whole thing is gonna make the Current Wall Street Financial Bill’s passage look like picnic….

Everyone can thank the State of Arizona for helping to put the Bill in the spot light…..

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid rejected a proposal from supporters of a stalled Senate energy bill that would move immigration reform through the regular committee process on a priority basis and allow the energy bill to move forward on the Senate floor.

The proposal would tentatively set action on immigration for November, after the midterm elections — a delay that even some Democrats would welcome.

“Such an idea might have been floated by someone, but as far as I can tell, it’s a nonstarter,” said Jim Manley, a Reid spokesman. “For what it’s worth, I have never heard of fast-tracking something through the regular committee process, especially the Judiciary Committee, where the debates are usually long, sharp and fierce.”

Sens. Kerry, Graham and Lieberman had planned to unveil their package on Monday.

The swift rejection of the potential compromise came a day after the energy reform package was sent to the Environmental Protection Agency for analysis — a sign that the measure’s co-sponsors, Sens. John Kerry (D-Mass.), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), have not given up on it.

In a meeting with reporters on Capitol Hill, Kerry said the trio were still “working very hard and constructively to pull pieces back together.”

Kerry acknowledged that they “don’t have an agreement yet with respect to immigration, but people are really working constructively to get there. Harry Reid is doing everything he can, and Sen. Graham is doing everything responsible, and we’re hoping to move in the right direction.”

Asked if he might move forward without Graham, Kerry didn’t rule out the idea but said, “I don’t want to even consider that at this point in time.”

The proposed schedule was presented to Reid as a way of settling a dispute that erupted over the weekend on which measure should be taken up first in the Senate.

Sen. Jon Kyl (R-Ariz.), whose home state touched off the controversy, said: “I think a lot of people, including some Democrats, understand that until we have a more sincere effort to control borders and enforce the law, the conditions to pass comprehensive immigration reform don’t exist.”

Sen. Ben Nelson (D-Neb.) concurred. “Clearly, it’s time to get the borders secured. Then I think you can talk about immigration reform,” Nelson said.

Asked if she believed the Senate should next move to immigration, centrist Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) said flatly: “I do not.”

“I think it’s time to move to an energy and climate change bill, and there’s been a tremendous amount of work that’s gone into that,” Landrieu said. “I know immigration reform is important … in terms of jobs and economic stability. I said this a year and a half ago — it should be health care first and energy second.”

New Jersey Sen. Robert Menendez, chairman of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, downplayed the political impact an immigration debate would have on red state Democrats, including Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas.

Graham and other Republicans have accused Democrats of trying to expedite the issue to galvanize Hispanic supporters who could tip the scales in races this fall — including Reid’s tightly contested reelection campaign in Nevada.

But Menendez, who is just the third Hispanic to serve in the Senate, said Graham “overreacted” to Reid’s push to get the bill done this year. “With all due respect to Lindsey, I don’t think any single senator can dictate what the agenda of the Senate is,” he added.

Still, he nodded to the complex politics of such a debate and urged the White House to have a bipartisan summit to determine whether any other Republicans would be open to a bill.


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The Healthcare bill will be a Simple Majority vote in the Senate……

What’s the big deal?

The Republican’s used the procedure numerous times in past…as did Bill Clinton…..

Do it already!…get the bill pasted, and move on……

From Nathan Empsall over @ MyDD.COM……

Harry Reid has written Mitch McConnell to say that he’ll use budget reconciliation to pass health care reform.

60 Senators voted to pass historic reform that will make health insurance more affordable, make health insurance companies more accountable and reduce our deficit by roughly a trillion dollars. The House passed a similar bill. However, many Republicans now are demanding that we simply ignore the progress we’ve made, the extensive debate and negotiations we’ve held, the amendments we’ve added (including more than 100 from Republicans) and the votes of a supermajority in favor of a bill whose contents the American people unambiguously support. We will not. We will finish the job. We will do so by revising individual elements of the bills both Houses of Congress passed last year, and we plan to use the regular budget reconciliation process that the Republican caucus has used many times.I know that many Republicans have expressed concerns with our use of the existing Senate rules, but their argument is unjustified. There is nothing unusual or extraordinary about the use of reconciliation. As one of the most senior Senators in your caucus, Sen. Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, said in explaining the use of this very same option, “Is there something wrong with majority rules? I don’t think so.” Similarly, as non-partisan congressional scholars Thomas Mann and Norm Ornstein said in this Sunday’s New York Times, our proposal is “compatible with the law, Senate rules and the framers’ intent.”

Reconciliation is designed to deal with budget-related matters, and some have expressed doubt that it could be used for comprehensive health care reform that includes many policies with no budget implications. But the reconciliation bill now under consideration would not be the vehicle for comprehensive reform – that bill already passed outside of reconciliation with 60 votes. Instead, reconciliation would be used to make a modest number of changes to the original legislation, all of which would be budget-related. There is nothing inappropriate about this. Reconciliation has been used many times for a variety of health-related matters, including the establishment of the Children’s Health Insurance Program and COBRA benefits, and many changes to Medicare and Medicaid.

It’s official. Game on.

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Sen. Majority Reid starts to get his positive stories already……

After getting his first major vote on the Healthcare Bill (60 to 40 ), the former boxer from Nevada, Sen. Harry Reid,  gets a chance to sit back, catch his breath and enjoy for a moment….just a moment, and get some good media like this piece in The Hill , a Washington newspaper…..

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The Healthcare Bill schedule up till Christmas for the Senate……

Here’s the schedule for the Healthcare Bill to move through the Senate from the New York Times……everything is subject to change……

From the New York Times:

Absent any unexpected quirks, Mr. Reid needs to hold five votes before he can get to a final, simple-majority vote on the health care legislation:

• 1 a.m. MONDAY – To end debate on “a manager’s package” that includes all the latest changes to the bill. 60 votes required.

• 7 a.m. TUESDAY – To approve the manager’s package. Simple majority required.

• Also TUESDAY – To end debate on Mr. Reid’s original health care proposal, as amended by the manager’s package. 60 votes required.

• 1 p.m. WEDNESDAY – To approve Mr. Reid’s original proposal. Simple majority required.

• Also WEDNESDAY – To end debate on the finalized health care legislation. 60 votes required.

• 7 p.m. THURSDAY, Christmas Eve (or anytime after the prior vote if all senators agree) – To approve the final bill. Simple majority required.

If Reid does get 60 on the Managers Amendment this thing goes through I believe.

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