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Sen. Reid gets help from two who could get his job……

Senators Durbin (ILL – D ) and Schumer ( NY – D ) will fight for election from their fellow Democratic Senator ‘s for the position as Senate Majority leader if Reid loses in November and the Democrats hold on to the Senate…..

Being good party people….The two have doubled down and are helping the current Speaker of the House raise campaign money…..

Sen. Chuck Schumer invited Harry Reid to spend Monday morning with him in Brooklyn, where some of Schumer’s well-heeled friends opened their checkbooks to help the Senate majority leader’s struggling reelection bid.

Democratic Whip Dick Durbin has invited Reid to join him next week in Chicago, where he’ll connect the Nevada Democrat with Windy City business leaders who’ll pour even more money into Reid’s campaign.

For Schumer and Durbin, it’s all part of a delicate dance. While Capitol Hill insiders say the two men appear to be jockeying to show their fellow Democrats that they’d be the logical successors to Reid, they’re also showing Reid unyielding loyalty where it counts: campaign cash.

So, there Schumer was Monday morning, introducing Reid to the big-money developers of the New Jersey Nets’ new $4.9 billion facility in Brooklyn. Schumer told the developers that he and Reid had been “through war together,” and he called the Nevadan his “foxhole buddy,” according to someone who was there.

“He is beloved by our caucus, from the most conservative to the most liberal,” Schumer told the fundraisers on Monday, the source said. “He does a great job of bringing together 59 Democrats of such broad philosophical and geographic diversity. And the egos are not small. What Harry does is amazing.”

Monday’s fundraiser was headlined by Bruce Ratner, the real estate mogul who owns the Nets — and who has donated more than $127,000 to Democrats in recent years.

While Schumer’s office won’t say how much money the event raised for Reid, cash poured in from a number of developers and real estate types. The event came just hours before a procedural vote on a plan to rewrite the rules for Wall Street, but Reid’s office stressed that the donors who turned out Monday weren’t bankers or Wall Street officials — and that, in fact, many work for Ratner’s company as well as for electrical and construction companies.


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As goes Sen. Reid….goes Sen. Schumer………

Just a thought people….

Sometimes the comments on a blog piece are better than the piece…

Now I don’t want the authors of this piece to be mad at me…..(they are never gonna read THIS Dog ) but the chance they might…..Their piece is good…..

But the more people talk about Harry Reid losing…and the Senate staying democratic..the more the Dog realizes that New York States senior senator will most probably be in line for the Minority or maybe even Majority Leader of the United States Senate……..


That’s a get for the Empire State….

With that in mind I give you the piece from the Hill……

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) reelection effort continues to lag behind GOP competitors, a poll found Friday.

Former state GOP Chairwoman Sue Lowden maintains a 10 point lead over Reid, even with independent and Tea Party candidates included in the poll.

Forty-seven percent of Nevada voters said in a Mason-Dixon poll that they’d vote for Lowden if the election were held today, while 37 percent said they would reelect Reid.

The poll shows Reid’s effort continuing to lag in the first poll since the two-week congressional recess, during which Reid barnstormed the state, touting his leadership on healthcare, jobs and a number of state initiatives.

More……..….Please read the comments also…..

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Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid has plenty of money to spend towards his re-election……

I told Merlin……Harry Reid was a boxer…he’s not ready to take a dive…..he may never be ready…he’s still got a lotta fight in him…….

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, trailing badly in the polls, is pouring money from his prodigious fundraising operation into the state Democratic party organization to bolster his reelection campaign.

Reid has tapped his campaign war chest for dozens of state and local Democratic candidates as well as party organizations representing African-Americans, Hispanics, Asian-Americans, women, gays and college students. But the bulk of Reid’s largesse is going to the Nevada Democratic Party, which will play a critical role in his race, especially in getting out the vote this November.

Reid helped funnel nearly $660,000 to the state party in 2009 alone, according to Federal Election Commission records. These funds came from Reid’s reelection campaign, his leadership PAC — the Searchlight Leadership Fund — and a joint fundraising committee created by Reid’s campaign and the state party. President Barack Obama, who will be making another trip to Nevada later this month to stump for Reid, was the headliner at a multimillion dollar fundraiser last year that benefited Reid’s reelection campaign and the state party.

Sources close to the Reid campaign said the veteran lawmaker will pump hundreds of thousands of additional dollars into the state party’s coffers throughout the year, even as he looks to raise $25 million or more for his own race. He has already raised more than $15 million.

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Merlin on the Nevada Senate Race……

Hello Dog!

Until now I kept the Nevada Senate Race 2010 of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) in the Toss-Up Category waiting for Confirmation of recent Developments.

On Monday I teased in a Post that I would change the “Nevada Senate Race 2010” if the Downward Trend continued. It did.

Stu Rothenberg of the nonpartisan Rothenberg Political Report changed the Race to “Lean Takeover” yesterday.

Scott Elliott of Election Projection changed the Race from a “Weak DEM HOLD” into a “Weak GOP GAIN” this past weekend.

I now will follow changing NV-SEN from “Toss-Up” to “Leans Republican”

Get ready for a new Projection on the Race this weekend.

Rasmussen Reports Survey

Nevada Senate 2010

Danny Tarkanian (R)  50 %
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) 36 %
Others  5 %
Undecided  9 %

Sue Lowden (R)  48 %
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D)  36 %
Others  8 %
Undecided  7 %

Sharron Angle (R)  44 %
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D)  40 %
Others  10 %
Undecided  7 %

Reid’s favorables

Favorable  41 %
Unfavorable  54 %

Full Results can be found at Rasmussen Reports.com


From the Dog…..While Merlin is correct on Reid….. the Rasmussen post also gives this …….

Obama carried Nevada over John McCain with 55% of the vote in November 2008, but just 49% of voters in the state now approve of the president’s job performance, including 29% who strongly approve. This is roughly comparable to Obama’s national job approval ratings in the Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll.

Only 35% approve of Republican Governor Jim Gibbons’ performance, while 63% disapprove. This is little changed from December.

The Dog repeats again….President Obama needs to get out in the hustlings to sell the Healthcare Bill (which is hurting Reid , bad )which remains only slightly over the majority in most polls unfavoribles…..a 10 to 15% jump for the bill would give the democrats breathing room in just about every Senate and House race across the country and certainly help Reid…..

And remember…… Rasmussen….. itself has been accused of GOP leanings……

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Senate Majority Chair Reid will have to start going home more often…….

The senator from Nevada is behind in the polls right now…..in the latest Mason-Dixon Poll,  things go like this……  Sue Lowden (R) leads Reid (D), 51% to 41%, while Danny Tarkanian (R) leads 48% to 41%……I would think that he would want Tarkanian to beat Lowden….so he he can get a race against him….there are actually nine republicans running for a shot at his seat right now….

Reid’s favorable rating is just 38%….and he needs to work on that, for next year…..

Politics 101…..All politics is local and never forget the one’s that sent you…….

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The Majority leader of the Senate goes for the gusto!…A $849 Billion compromise package Healthcare Bill……..

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev), has presented a compromise $849 Billion bill that bans federal funds for abortions, but allows at least one plan in the system that would offer abortion coverage and one that doesn’t….This will essentially leave coverage in for women who already have it, while not expanding it…..

The bill would also extend coverage to an additional 31 million Americans, reform some insurance practices and add taxes on high earners to help support the bill. The democrats are VERY happy with the Congressional Budget Offices projection that the bill would cut the federal deficit by at least $127 Billion over the next decade…..

There are differences between the House and Senate Bill’s…….

The Senate measure is similar in scope to legislation the House approved earlier this month. It would require most people to buy insurance, and if their employers did not offer affordable coverage, they would be able to shop for policies on new state-based “exchanges” that would function as marketplaces for individual coverage. Insurance companies would have to abide by broad new rules that would ban practices such as denying coverage based on preexisting conditions.

But the bills diverge on other key provisions. The House version would require all but the smallest businesses to offer insurance, while the Senate measure would merely fine companies for not offering affordable coverage. The Senate bill would bar illegal immigrants from buying insurance through the exchanges, while the House would restrict access only to subsidies and federal programs such as Medicaid, which would be vastly expanded under both bills.

The bill’s first test is expected on Friday or Saturday, with a procedural vote required to start debate. Republicans are expected to rally all 40 of their senators to block the legislation from advancing, requiring Reid to keep all 60 members of his Democratic caucus in line.

Stay tuned folks…it has just begun…….

Note: This is a copy of the abortion language in the bill from the Huffington Post……


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