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Bill Clinton will campaign for Nevada Senator Harry Reid…..Sharron Angle needs money…..And ditches the Tea Party stuff….

The ex-President trying to roll his successful pitch for Blanche Lincoln into some political capital for himself and the Democratic party will go to bat for the Senate Majority leader Reid…..

Meanwhile, it does seem that Reid’s opponent, Sharron Angle, has erased all the Tea Party stuff on her campaign site….and is trying to make her way back the middle of the GOP and fundraise…..


On Reid…..

Bill Clinton heads to Nevada next week to hold a campaign rally for Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV), the Las Vegas Review Journal reports.

“The announcement sends a clear message that Reid’s high powered Democratic friends will be spending plenty of time in Nevada in the next five months ahead of the Nov. 2 general election, helping boost the prospects of Reid, who isn’t very popular among Nevada voters these days.”

On Angle…..

Until just a few days ago, you could find Sharron Angle’s policy positions on her campaign website — even ones as controversial as pulling the country out of the United Nations, privatizing Social Security and abolishing the Energy and Education departments.

But no more.

In the aftermath of the tea party favorite’s crushing win Tuesday night in Nevada’s Senate Republican primary, her website has been scrubbed. Now there’s just one page, with one message: Donate to defeat the entrenched Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, in November.

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