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Christina Aguilera Respecting Single Moms at a Whole New Level…


Christina Aguilera Respecting Single Moms at a Whole New Level


Since splitting from husband Jordan Bratman, Christina Aguilera has been living the single working-mom lifestyle and says she appreciates the many other ladies out there who are doing the same. “More power to single moms” is her new mantra.

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A 21 year old US Army solider, and single mother with a 10 month old, has been confined to her base after refusing to deploy to Aftganistan…

Alexis Hutchinson, 21, a US Army specialist knew she was being deployed with her unit to Aftganistan…so she arranged for her mother to take care of her 10 month old son Kamani…When her mother realized that she was not going to be able to take the child due to the fact that she hands full taking care of a special needs daughter, an ailing mother and an ailing sister. Alex  realized she was in trouble…Alex went AWOL trying to find care for her son during her deployment, but was unsuccessful..

…She reported back for duty and explained her problem, but was told……”you have a choice to make, but your duty is to get on that plane,” Sussman (Alex’s Hutchinson’s lawyer)  said. “She didn’t have anyone to take care of her child. She thought they’d put her on a plane and take her child away.”

She was given another month to arrange care for her son…..In the beginning of this month …Hutchinson’s mother managed to fly down and pick up Kamani and take him back home with her….But when Alexis reported  in to deploy she was arrested and confined to quarters…..The Army, since the story has gone national, now says that the manner will be handled by Hutchinson’s command as a possible hardship…..

But she she did get a lawyer…..

And she has indicated she’s ready to get on the plane……

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