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Evening Update from Daniel……

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Here is what was in the News today:

Another Retirement?

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI 1) who brought the Final Health Care Votes onboard is apparently considering retiring this year.


The Filling Deadline in the Wolverine State is May 11th.

Arizona Senate

Democrats finally managed to get a Candidate into the Senate Race to either face McCain or Hayworth in November.


Illinois Senate

Congressman Mark Kirk (R-IL) posts 2,2 Mio. $ in the first Fundraising Quarter.

Daniel G.

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MSNBC decides to hold Obama to his healhcare campaign promises…and get some ratings in the process…..

MSNBC…the channel that unabashedly favored Obama for president for the last year and a half…. has decided to unleash one of its anchors, Rachel Maddow, on the president’s campaign promises on healthcare, and against the pro-life Stupak amendment that the House voted to keep, to appease the pro-life DEMOCRATS……

Now let me repeat something I found last week…..only 13% of people out there use their health insurance to pay for terminating a pregrancy….13%!

That means top me that 87% use their own money to pay for the procedure…because of various reasons, the best one I would think would be, that they don’t want anyone to know they had one done….

That brings me to a question I would ask Maddow…why can’t you figure out what the democratic party has?…the Stupak amendment really isn’t that important…..the amment only addresses 13% of people out there…why not let the other 87% keep paying out of their pockets?…since even if you defeat the pro-life ammendment…most poeple aren’t gonna ask their insurance company to pay anyways?

Of course, this being the media we’re talking about one would not be far off to look for the money angle……

And here it is…..last year MSNBC took in $270 million in revenue last year…this year it looks like they are on the way to take in $365 million….. and then there is this….”Gary Carr, the executive director of national broadcast for the media buying agency TargetCast, said the opinions matter less than the ratings they earn. With cable’s prime-time opinion shows, “you’re reaching a lot of people,” he said.

Yep…and $100 million is still a lot of money where I come from……..so MSNBC seeing the Fox News channel march to the head of line by going to the right…is going to the left…and seems like the viewership…and ad money is following….sorry Mr. President but we’re gonna throw a few at ya…its not personal…it’s business…..

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Something interesting on pro-life, and the democrats in the House….

I was listening to a  WNYC, talkradio show this morning (Brian Lehrer)…on it, someone said something quite interesting…only 13% of americans have their insurance company pay for abortions……the conversation went on about how the House majority wanted to keep abortion in the new Healthcare bill….but Rep Stupak doggedly put together a group of votes, and in the end got a deal to have the abortion payment part of the bill striped from the House version….the guest on the show related that the pro-choice representatives number about 150, and the pro-life members are about a third of that number ( and she was only talking about DEMOCRATS )…but on this bill, Stupak and his group prevailed…..

But I just let that sink in…. only 13%?….87% pay out of their own pockets ( so no one knows, huh?)……I guess Nancy Pelosi isn’t so dumb after all…….

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