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Q poll……Crist +4 in Florida…..

From Talkandpolitics….

Qunnipiac Poll: Crist v. Rubio 37-33, Meek at 17.


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Talkandpolitcs…..Job numbers updated. Two years…….

From Talkandpolitics.….

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Talkandpolitcs……BP expenses and profits…….

Spill expenses so far: about $1 Billion

Profits 1. Quarter this year: $6 Billion


Comment from the Dog……Think about all the oil coming out of that well…..That’s awful lot ain’t it?

Here’s something that ought make some people REAL happy….In the end you know the scenario is to drill relief pipes into the area…..THEREAFTER they will continue to pull oil from that find?…That would enable BP to make MORE money from the same deposit…..

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Talkandpolitcs…… Sestak to the wolfs…..

The hoards were on him at capitol hill steps just now, shown on Ratigan/Spitzer MSNBC.

But for a rookie senator candidate – he did great. Kept calm and repeated the simple answers. This seems largely like a non-story, as a job-offer really is neither a threat or a bribe. The new RandPaul interviews on Russian Tv could probably spin more…..


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Rand Paul news: Embraced by Mitch McConnell ….TalkandPolitcs……

While Republican Chairman Michael Steele clashed this weekend – Senate Minory Leader Mitch McConnell (who endorsed Pauls opponent Trey Greyson for the primary may 18th) now endorses last weeks statements by Kentucky Teaparty candidate for Senator Rand Paul.

U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell, who had endorsed Grayson in the primary race, called for Republicans to unify behind Paul in the general election and to reach out to Democrats.

“Dr. Rand Paul’s message can win this election,” McConnell said.

From the DailyKos

In the few days since Paul became Kentucky’s Republican senatorial nominee, his message has been … before he went into hiding from the national media, that is …  that businesses should be able to discriminate based on skin color, that making buildings accessible to the disabled is too much of a hardship, that the minimum wage could cause unemployment, and of course that the government should leave poor British Petroleum alone.

Which message does Mitch McConnell think is a winner?


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Talkandpolitics……Hardball Matthews shutting up babe…..

Watch this:

CHRIS MATTHEWS (speaking rapidly): I found with 220,000 miles of oil pipeline in this country they have one federal guy looking out for this. It’s a joke. They do not regular the oil industry –


MATTHEWS: The oil industry is completely … (pause) You know, my dear, you’re beautiful but if you concentrate you can keep up.

The audience and Leno go nuts. Clip.


NoteIt’s all in good fun..but some females ain’t gonna be happy with that one…..

The Dog

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Talkandpolitcs…….Mixed results from Super Tuesday ……

Projected results from todays voting:

  • Arlen Specter big lose in Dem PA-Sen.
  • Critz (D) safe win in PA-12
  • Rand Paul (R) takes Kentucky huge by +25.
  • Blanche Lincoln (D) heading for runoff.

Mostly good for the Democrats this time. PA-12 was the “referendum” vote which ended in favor of the current administration. A stronger Tea Party in Kentucky could spell trouble for the GOP, but too early to tell. And the Specter sacking is the democratic base of Pennsylvania rejecting the GOP defector, even if he gave the tipping vote for stimulus and health bill……


I couldn’t agree more…Thanks for saving me a post!

The Dog…..

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Talkandpolitcs……PA fight in CNN State of the Union……. Specter win.

The race is still a toss-up, but the last voice on the Sestak-Specter sequential interview at Cnn State of the Union just now – Arlen Specter might have won over most swing voters. Playing his “new” democratic base and pounding on his Stimulus and Obama support, in order to end right-wing “bickering” and saving the country from a new depression, he might have scored some points……

Ole’ Specter is a pro.

The verdict is out there tuesday..


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Talkandpolitcs……Newsweek down the drain……

Seems like no-one is bidding on Newsweek – even as chief editor Jon Meacham is touring the networks and Daily Show this week. But who wants to pay for print and distribution anymore – when a blog from Fareed Zakaria, Eleanor Clift or Robert J. Samuelson is all you need.

Good writers and columnists will be in abundance in the future – even better and more varied than today. And we’ll save lots of trees in the process!


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Talkandpolitcs……Good one on the Daily Show

From Talkandpolitcs….…..

He’s really enjoying this one about CNN anchors trying out new stuff at work……..

Costume Party @ CNN!

Here’s the Clip.

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