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Democratic Houston Mayor Bill White trudges on in the Texas Governor race…..

[ Bill White, the Mayor of Houston, working a Texas restaurant for Governor votes ]

A lot of people don’t know that Houston Mayor Bill White is running against media hype star Texas Governor Rick Perry…

You know…. the guy who shoots coyote’s on his fun runs…..

A lot of people in the state must know about him…or don’t really like Perry that much…..

That’s because the two have recently polled only 4% points apart (Perry ahead )….

CD…here swears by Perry…but with this anti-incumbent thing going around…Perry might catch a cold……

“We need a governor more interested in the state’s future than his political future,” Mr. White said to about 100 curious oil company lawyers and executives at the Petroleum Club.

But after the stump speech, a local lawyer, Mike Cunningham, piped up with the question on everyone’s mind. How was Mr. White going to beat a well-known and well-financed Republican incumbent like Mr. Perry in a state where a Democrat has not won in 20 years?

“I’m going to get more votes than he does,” Mr. White answered in his habitual deadpan. There was no laughter. Then he added: “He wins among people who don’t know anything about me. So what’s my strategy?”

By all accounts, Mr. White, who is 55, has his work cut out for him. He has been campaigning hard in far-flung parts of the state like Midland, where Republicans and oil prices dominate affairs, trying to make his name better known and to define himself as a pro-business, fiscal conservative palatable to Republicans and independents.

The match-up between Mr. Perry and Mr. White this fall promises not only to test the depth of the conservative backlash against President Obama, but also to shed light on just how Republican the state has become and whether the slim signs of a Democratic resurgence in the 2008 election were chimerical.

Conventional wisdom holds that this is a bad year to run as a Democrat in a state like Texas. Since the mid-1990s, Republican candidates have started off with a 10-point advantage just for being Republican. What’s more, most political scientists and strategists say the pendulum is swinging back against the Democrats after Mr. Obama’s victory in 2008.

The backlash among staunch conservatives, who are angry about the bailout of banks and deficit spending to create jobs, has given rightwing politicians like Mr. Perry a wind at their backs. Indeed, Mr. Perry has actively courted disaffected voters angry with Washington, appearing with Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck and building Mr. Perry’s national profile.

Yet Democrats are more hopeful this year than in any year since George W. Bush swept into the governor’s office in 1994 and began an era of Republican dominance in statewide politics.


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Texas Governor Perry goes jogging with a gun and takes out a Coyote…..

My first question is why does the Governor have to carry a gun?

My second question is where is his protective detail?

My third is why is he jogging where he could get attacked by wild animals?


The picture of him with the gun is pricless…even in Texas…..

"Don't attack my dog or you might get shot ... if you're a coyote," Texas Governor Rick Perry told reporters after taking down a coyote that attacked his Labrador.

[ Don’t attack my dog or you might get shot … if you’re a coyote,” Texas Governor Rick Perry told reporters after taking down a coyote that attacked his Labrador.]
Pistol-packing Republican Rick Perry told The Associated Press on Tuesday he needed just one shot from the laser-sighted pistol he sometimes carries while jogging to take down a coyote that menaced his puppy during a February run near Austin.

Perry said he carries a .380 Ruger — loaded with hollow-point bullets — when jogging on trails because he is afraid of snakes. He’d also seen coyotes in the undeveloped area.

“I knew there were a lot of predators out there. You’ll hear a pack of coyotes. People are losing small cats and dogs all the time out there in that community,” Perry said.

“They’re very wily creatures,” Perry said of coyotes.

When one came out of the brush toward his daughter’s Labrador retriever, Perry charged.

“Don’t attack my dog or you might get shot … if you’re a coyote,” he said Tuesday.

A concealed handgun permit holder, he carries the pistol in a belt.  Perry said the laser-pointer helped make a quick, clean kill.


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Texas Governor Rick Perry will NOT run for President in 2012…….

Sorry CD……He’s not available……

This from PoliticalWire on a Newsweek piece…..

Perry Says No Bid for President

Texas Gov. Rick Perry (R) tells Newsweek there’s no chance he’ll run for President in 2012.

Newsweek: Everybody wants to know about your plans for 2012. Are you considering running and would you consider it?
Perry: No and no.

Newsweek: You are not considering running for president. You will not run for president.
Perry:That’s correct.

Newsweek: Under any circumstances?
Perry: That’s correct.

Newsweek: Vice president? Would you be willing to consider that?
Perry: No. I don’t care about going to Washington, D.C.

The audio of the entire interview will be posted by the Texas Tribune on Monday morning.

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