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Open thread for June 10th…….

Hello fellow PoliticalDog visitors!

Interesting last hour…

The site went down and Of course I’m still sitting in front of of the darn computer!

Well…As soon as do this new thread I’m skipping outside for a few!

As you can see…. I’ve been burning the posting oil to get the rest of you as much info as possible….

I’m just glad I’m not Alvin Greene……

Congratulations to all the Chicago Blackhawk fans for the win!

I knew Corey would show up to gloat…..

ILL Jim didn’t …..

Daniel’s fine after the Halter loss…

I just had to break his balls…

He’s a good guy……

Shoutouts to the rest of the Dog Pound….

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We love you twitter people!…..

Come on down and give some comments also!

If I missed ya give me shout here…..

The Pak gets bigger everyday!

As Always!

Keep up the good work

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The Dog!

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Blanche Lincoln Wins the Democratic Primary for her Senate seat in Arkansas!

The Dog is very Happy to be wrong…..

And is happy to see that the Democratic voters of Arkansas are smart enough to NOT have someone run… that absolutely had NO chance to win against Boozman in November…

The Dog salutes everyone…. including Daniel and myself who got this wrong!

My apologizes to Bill Clinton** who campaigned for her and finally got a win!

I might have got it wrong…

But I got it right…

Halter ran with Union, Progressive and left support….

I said it couldn’t be done…

It wasn’t…..

Damn Right!

Washington (CNN) – Arkansas Sen. Blanche Lincoln has defeated Lt. Gov. Bill Halter in Tuesday’s Senate Democratic primary runoff, the Associated Press projects.

Democratic Senate primary runoff:
Blanche Lincoln (incumbent) – 112,811 51.7%
Bill Halter – 105,352 48.3%

80% of precincts reporting

*Vote totals compiled by the Associated Press

** The Dog just wasn’t thinking about Bill Clinton in Arkansas….This guy was FROM Arkansas……Duh!…

There’s a reason that Bill Clinton was making the closing argument for Sen. Blanche Lincoln (D-Ark.) just days before today’s runoff, while the senator has made strides to separate herself from President Obama.

This is Clinton country.

Yes, Clinton is from the state, but it also went hugely for his wife in the 2008 presidential primary — 70 percent to 26 percent to be exact. The state was one of Obama’s worst showings in the general election too.

Arkansas is an extreme example, but many 2010 battles are being waged in similar territory. In fact, a majority of top 2010 races are being held in districts and states where Obama struggled in the Democratic primary fight two years ago.

Much has been made of Republican efforts to win the four dozen (or so) Democratic-held districts where Obama lost to John McCain in 2008. But looking at places where Obama lost to Hillary Clinton can also be instructive when it comes to understanding how the President, who is not on the ballot this fall, will nonetheless impact the fight for congressional control.

According to a Fix analysis, of the 27 Democratic-held House seats and 10 Senate races listed as toss-ups by the Cook Political Report, Obama lost roughly half of each by wide margins to Clinton during the primary season.

Obama lost to Clinton in seven of the 10 states with top Senate races, and in about 60 percent of the top 27 House districts. Five of those states and 13 of those House districts went for Clinton by double digits.

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Editorial……The Government Should NOT take over BP…….

Those of you here know where I come from….

Yet this BP Gulf Oil Spill has got me a little annoyed….

First I see people on here saying President Obama is responsible for the Spill???

WTF did he do?

He doesn’t drill for oil…..He’s a politician….

Now I hear some real idiots crying for the US Government to ‘Take Over BP and the Oil Pipe leak action’…..

It goes from the sublime to the ridicules!

Would you let a cop operate on your mother is she started bleeding and couldn’t stop?

Of course not!

Listen people…..I got news for ya….

As I said from the jump…..

People are going to have to wait on this….

I know that doesn’t sound reasonable to the people in those Gulf States…But that about what is going to happen…..

Let me review something I have pointed out ….

The UNITED STATES GOVERNMNET doesn’t drill for Oil…

Certainly not in  5,000 feet  of water…..

Another point…..

The oil spill…even at its worst represents less than 1% of the oil below water in the Gulf of Mexico….

Something else to think about…..I know it sounds assine..but that well is a really good one……That BP will eventually cap and DRAW MORE OIL FROM…..

The oil that they draw from the leaking well will probably cover any and all fines that the government will end up collecting from BP….

I Save the best for last…

The fact is…… this country consumes oil and gas at HUGE levels…

There is no way the President of the United States is going to keep……OIL companies from continuing to drill for oil..

It is in this countries National interest to keep pumping oil out of the earth…..

While the people on the Gulf coast are screwed today….Those state’s  economic life depends a large part on …..



Is BP gonna get a big bill……Yes…

Will they probably have to change their name again…..Yes

No matter home many rules, regs or policies does SHIT HAPPEN?……Yes

As someone pointed out at this site….

All those states have Republican’s in charge…..

You know……. The Same people who complain about Washington…..

Isn’t it ironic that these same people are complaining that Washington isn’t doing ENOUGH?

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Larry Sabado agrees with the Dog…..The House is likeley to still have a Democratic majority next January….

I have said this to Daniel all along……The Democratic loses in the House will NOT rise above 30ish….

Nancy Pelosi will keep her job as Speaker of the House come January…..

Apparently….Larry Sabado’s Crystal Ball agree’s with the Dog….

Like many beleaguered sports fans, as the calendar turned to 2010, Republicans across the country were conjuring up the same thought: “This is the year!” After disastrous House elections in 2006 and 2008, Republicans dropped from their high-water mark of 232 House seats—their largest total since 1949—to just 178—their lowest total in a decade and a half. This precipitous decline brought considerable frustration to the new minority party. 2010 appeared to offer the chance for historic rebirth—and in many ways it still does.

The real question of this midterm election is not whether a Republican tide is imminent, but how high it will be. From 1938 onwards, in only two of eighteen midterm elections (1998 and 2002) has the party shut out of the White House failed to gain House seats. With so many seats to defend, and dozens of them in Republican-leaning districts, Democrats have obvious, substantial disadvantages this year. However, the sizeable Democratic majority in Congress is not only a sign of opportunity for the GOP but a bulwark for Democrats. Even after winning a House special election in Hawaii’s 1st District to pick up a new seat last week, Republicans still need a net gain of 39 seats this November to retake the House majority. And the Hawaii seat is shaky indeed for the GOP.

Unlike some analysts, we have never once predicted that Republicans would win enough new House seats to take control of the chamber. They may well do so in November due to the factors with which we’re all familiar (a bad economy, sagging presidential popularity, public concern over spending and debt, and so on). But in our eyes, there has been and still is insufficient data to suggest an impending turnover……


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A conversation……..The Dog and Terry……Laura Bush…..And secret Liberal leanings……And Editorial

In response to the Oligrahkings  Laura Bush Book Review….I give you this conversation and Editorial view…..


…….one night after work on the way home whole listening to Laura bush on larry king live on my Sirius radio she stated she is pro gay marriage and very pro-choice on abortion. goes to shoe after years married to a right-winger did not change her views but was VERY quiet for 8 years in the subject. also i knew and read she was a liberal democrat before she married W. in 1977…….

The Dog……

Terry an excellent observation!…..

If you listened close to BOTH her….. and her husband your saw a little of that here and there over the time her husband was in office….

The party line comes first for a politician….

It is one of things I dislike about politics…..

The Politics 101 question in College…

Do you rep your constituents and give up your personal beliefs?

It is one of the reasons I don’t really like the hard right look at things….

Change is a basic fact of our existence….
Things change then….. other things change…..
It is ludicrous to expect the Constitution to be looked at the same way…… 300 years after it was drawn up…….

The times ARE different……

We would be still in the middle ages if we didn’t adapt to change…
Nature adapts all living things to changes……

By changing THEM…..

Nuff said……..

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