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Talkandpolitcs on a Congressional Hearing on Fraud and Ratings…..

From Talkandpolitcs….……

Live on Cspan. The stottering is unbelievable.

Seems like it’s falling apart. Twenty minutes on blaming “lack of resources”, then on internal disputes with “who, she? me? i said? to whom?”. This hurts to watch.


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The Financial Reform Bill has House GOP support but is still looking for Senate Bipartisanship…..

In a somewhat repeat of the Healthcare Bill……

The Senate Republicans are standing united to get a foothold in the upcoming Financial Reform Bill……

While its driving the Democrats a little crazy..the strategy has had a little movement by the dem’s to accommodate the GOP’s concerns…..

Late word is that a $50 Billion stand by fund advanced by Democrats  is expendable by the White house after Sen. Snowe voiced concerns about it……

There will be a Bill…..

Even though the 41 Republican Senators have indicated they won’t vote for it…..

We just have get through the horse trading that always goes on…..

And what politician wouldn’t like to run against Wall Street in the fall?

The difficulty Democrats have found in winning GOP support for campaign finance reform, an issue that has attracted Republicans in the past, reflects the highly partisan atmosphere in Congress, which has only intensified since the healthcare debate.

Republicans supportive of the Citizens United decision, which would allow unlimited corporate and union spending on individual campaigns, have attacked the Democratic effort as politically motivated, noting that the chief sponsors are Van Hollen, the current chairman of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, and Schumer, the former head of the Democratic Senate campaign arm.

With Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), a longtime champion of greater restrictions on campaign finance, sidelined in a tough reelection primary fight, Democrats had set their sights on the newest GOP celebrity with centrist appeal, Sen. Scott Brown (Mass.), the freshman Republican who won the seat held by the legendary Sen. Edward Kennedy (D) for decades.

After weeks of courting, however, Brown turned down the Democrats late last week, according to spokeswoman Gail Gitcho and several sources close to the negotiations. Brown delivered the news to Schumer on the Senate floor Thursday.

“Sen. Brown’s priorities continued to be jobs, the economy and national security,” Gitcho explained when asked why he declined to co-sponsor.


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