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The Democrats work to halt retirements…..

This piece in The Hill is on point…..Democratic politcal icons that retire in GOP strong holds leave their possible successors with almost no chance to keep the districts in democratic hands…..therefore the democrats have begun to work hard to hold up those retirements….

There are few things more dangerous in politics than the age-old law of unintended consequences.

We may be seeing that play out right now as Democrats in the House work overtime to keep members from swing districts in the South and Midwest from retiring.  Along comes a primary challenge to Arkansas Senator Blanche Lincoln from the left which may reverberate through the U.S. House as 13 states have filing deadlines during the month of March.

House leaders know that in certain parts of the country only a moderate or conservative candidate can win as a Democrat. Every time a Democratic incumbent from one of those swing districts decides to retire, Republican chances of picking up another seat increase.  Open seats generally are much more difficult for Democrats to hold than when an incumbent is running for re-election.

Arkansas Lt. Gov. Bill Halter has filed against Senator Lincoln in the Democratic Party and is being touted by liberal activists like MoveOn.org and parts of organized labor.  Granted, Sen. Lincoln has disappointed core supporters with some of her votes on energy and health care.  However, she did join with Senate Democrats to provide the 60-vote majority needed to take up health care reform last December.

And Arkansas is not Connecticut or Pennsylvania where liberal challengers to incumbent Senators have a reasonable chance of winning a general election.  A liberal in the South starts in a big hole in the Fall.

People I have talked to who know Arkansas politics think Sen. Lincoln will survive the primary challenge from the left.  She will then face a tough general election campaign but one that she could conceivably win even though she is down in the polls right now against potential Republican challengers.  The challenge from the left in the primary may even make her a stronger general election candidate but it also will drain her campaign treasury which she will need this Fall.

This is where the law of unintended consequences comes into play.  Moderate and conservative House Members from throughout the South and Midwest who currently are deciding whether or not to file for re-election may take one look at what is happening in Arkansas and decide the Democratic party is out of touch with reality and decide to call it a career.

If that happens, the champion of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party – Speaker Nancy Pelosi — will have an even harder time holding onto her House majority this Fall.
House Democrats enjoy a large House majority because of number of moderate and conservative candidates won districts in 2006 and 2008 previously held by Republicans.  So far Speaker Pelosi has been a magician in getting the votes of just enough of those Members to pass President Obama’s program in the House.

And now her friends could well be contributing to a much diminished House majority or even minority status.

In the famous words of Will Rogers….I don’t belong to an organized political party; I am a Democrat.

Note…...I made this exact same claim to Daniel a few days ago……he agreed…..and was hoping the trend continued…..

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Gen. McChrystal compliments his boss…..

While a group from Congress visted Kabul, Afghanistan…they got a chance to question General McChrystal…the head of the American and NATO forces in country, about the timeliness of the president’s ( who is the commander-in-Chief ) decision on his troop request….

McChrystal, who got almost everything he asked for, answered the congressmen with this……..

Gen. Stanley McChrystal told lawmakers that President Obama had engaged in a “thoughtful process” on Afghanistan and refused to criticize the president for delaying his decision to send more troops.

Patience is a virtue…..

McChrystal, will undoubtably be back in Washington in the near future to brief the Congress, and the media, on the huge task he has ahead to get his troops to solve a problem, military and political for his boss , President Obama….has his work cut out for him…and getting your boss pissed at you isn’t smart, at all..


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