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Guns and Presidental Events……..

A piece by Marc Ambinder on his Politics Blog kinda sums up my feelings about guns and Obama events……..Protection for the CIC at events extends out in three levels usually….the general area, which can be as much a mile in circumference, the immediate building or site, and the area around the man himself, which moves with him…….the outside area is controlled by local/state law enforcement with Secret Service input.  The site is usually controlled bey the Service, with local law enforcement . The protection around the man is controlled by the Service. While no protection is 100%, the chances of someone with a weapon getting thru the three zones is miniscule…….Ambinder is correct in pointing out that people showing up with guns at most locations are just a nuisance to then Service and local and state law enforcement, who must assign more manpower to keep those people under surveillance, while an event occurs………of course, the first time something happens with one of those people….the rules will change…because, no judge is gonna let someone fire a gun anywhere near a standing President, and not go to jail…………

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