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The World Trade Center and Space Shuttle…..June 2012….

The Space Shuttle passes One World Trade Center -- which recently became the tallest building in New York City -- on its way to the Intrepid Air & Space Museum, where it will be on permanent display.

photo…The Port Authority of NY and NJ…..

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10 years in the making…The World Trade Center reconstruction moves on…..

One World Trade Center is rising into the NYC sky….

The ‘pools’ outlining the footprint of the orignal buildings are working….

And the construction moves on…

Within the whole 11 acre site in lower Manhattan…

As this country does indeed….

Move on…

Michael Arad

Michael Arad, designer of the Sept. 11 memorial in New York, pauses in front of the project in April. (Seth Wenig, Associated Press / April 7, 2011)

Michael Arad has taken on a lot of roles since 2004, when he beat out 5,200 others vying to design the memorial to victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on the site of the fallen World Trade Center. He has been the architectural wunderkind emerging from obscurity to win the coveted job. He has been the stubborn outsider battling the powerful establishment to preserve his vision. He has been the crestfallen artist on the losing side of some of those squabbles. He has been the new father rejoicing in his growing family while immersed in the sorrow of those who lost their own loved ones 10 years ago.

Now, with the memorial nearly complete, he is the anonymous man in a hard hat, kneeling in the dirt, eyeing the lines, the lettering, the carefully carved corners and the rivulets of water, noticing tiny flaws that are invisible to most but infuriating to Arad.

“I’m the drill sergeant with the white glove,” Arad says with a laugh, trying to describe his latest role in advance of the formal unveiling of the memorial this Sept. 11. The creation, called “Reflecting Absence” and dominated by waterfalls flowing into the massive squares that once held the World Trade Center’s twin towers, opens to the public the following day.

Even as crowds begin strolling across the plaza to peer into the watery voids and to run their fingers over the names of victims carved into bronze parapets, construction cranes and heavy machinery will be grinding and hammering around them…..


From Politicaldog101.Com….

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The World Trade Center Memorial and Museum virtual views on line…..

A birds-eye view of the 9/11 Memorial as it will be seen through Google Earth. CLICK PIC FOR MORE PHOTOS OF THE 9/11 MEMORIAL.

[ A view of the what the reflecting pools will be like at the site….]

Thru a partnership with Google Earth the views are really great of the site and lower Manhattan….

The World Trade Center memorial won’t open until next year, but virtual visitors now can see all its haunting and heartbreaking detail online.

An interactive, three-dimensional model of the National September 11 Memorial and Museum went up online on Wednesday.

Thanks to a partnership with Google Earth, which donated its
techno-wizardry, visitors can now zoom in to the iconic 30-foot waterfalls that will thunder into the two reflecting pools in the footprints of the Twin Towers.

They can pan over the entire 16-acre site for a bird’s-eye view of the eight-acre Memorial, marvel at the emerald green leaves of the 400 swamp white oak trees on the plaza or gaze at the Freedom Tower as it soars to a breathtaking 1,776 feet.

“You can even peek through the glass atrium of the Museum Pavilion to see the two seven-story-tall steel tridents that will greet future visitors to the site,” said 9/11 Memorial President Joe Daniels.

So razor-sharp and up-close are the visual details that family members will be able to hone in on the nearly 3,000 bronze nameplates that will identify the innocents who were massacred in the 2001 attacks.

Visitors can zoom in to see the intricate detailing of the cobblestones in the plaza – and then zoom out to see all of Ground Zero, lower Manhattan or the New York metropolitan area.

“About 99% of the world’s population will never visit the site,” said Bruce Polderman, a product manager for Google Earth, a satellite imagery-based mapping program which created the dimensionally accurate 3D model.

“This gives them the ability to visualize the completed Memorial in its geographic context even before it is fully constructed.”


For a panoramic view of the World Trade Center construction site…… click this link…..

From TPL….This on the Mosque being rebuild in the area……Link……....

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