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Kate Gosselin will be trying out different jobs in her new show for TLC…..

The lady will be getting a paycheck…..The scuttlebut is that she will be getting her own show for TLC…..trying out different occupations on camera.….

We’ll have to wait till the spring, or early summer to see how she does……

And this show is not with the kids…..Nope……

Oh, well????!!!!!

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An update on Kate Gosselin who has started Christmas shopping while Jon Gosselin is in Hawaii……

The mother of 8 goes shopping in Reading, Pennsylvania while Jon Gosselin jets off to Hawaii…..As a bonus…there is Kate around town in a pink and black workout outfit…….

Update:….The couple have agreed to talk about their divorce, and future on the last episode of the TLC series “Jon & Kate Plus 8″…the show airs on the TLC cable channel…..

Maybe these two are finally going to be able to find a middle ground for the sake of their kids, and financial futures…..

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Jon Gosselin says he’s sorry to Kate on TV, for his behavior with females, other than his wife….

Is this real?…or just another media move to keep the story going?

The link is video of his apology……

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Jon Gosselin says he's sorry to Kate on TV, for his behavior with females, other than his wife….

Is this real?…or just another media move to keep the story going?

The link is video of his apology……

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Kate Gosselin TLC Special……comments….

My wife and I watched a good part of the Kate Gosselin Special on TLC tonight…..while one reviewer commented that it was about other things we found it to be centered on her, Jon and the Kids……Natalie Morales …came across to me as stiff, wooden and emotionless…and she seemed to handle this as a ‘hard’ interview……My wife also thought some of her questions where stupid and didn’t merit answers….and the girl could use a few good meals, she’s so skinny……..

While I’m not a big fan of the way Kate interacted with Jon…I found myself sometimes agreeing with her reasons on why she was doing several things…..namely…working, her need of a bodyguard (whom she defended, along with his family), my advice would have been to switch guys around,  and the fact the kids miss their extended family that filmed them, and having to live thru  Jon’s sexual reawakening……

My wife was not so forgiving…when Kate had to take time after her eyes wetted up when Morales asked her about husband….my wife didn’t buy it…..I’ve said this in previous posts… also my wife tends to not believe too much of what Kate says……

But this is the beginning  because…..Kate Gosselin is gonna to continue to do TV work (hence the plug for TV crew?)…she said so tonight……

And in the end my wife thought the whole thing was boring…..She only watched it because, I did so, to write this review…..

Thanks Honey……..

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Kate Gosselin throws punches at her soon-to-be ex on her TLC TV Special……..And starts her solo career….

This girl is on a roll…I told  you she’d get TV work (girls’ got make a living)…..In her first solo special sans kids, or  John…she spends an hour before the camera for the TLC channel’s “You Ask, Kate Answers”…..

The soon to be divorced mother of eight answers questions about, her struggle getting thru the last year, her finding a new man and mostly just about every thing..including….” Kate’s preference for organic food, her tendency to clip coupons and search out bargains, the evolution of her fashion sense, and of course, her infamous hairstyle.”

I’m glad she made this clear…..” There is a healthy amount of money put away for the kids,” Gosselin said, “and it is safe. It will not be touched, other than for education. Yes, the money is there. Come hell or high water, they will have the opportunity.”

Kate Gosselin will continue on with the following schedule………

On Monday, November 2 at 9pm ET/PT, TLC will air the one-hour special “Kate: Her Story”, where NBC’s Natalie Morales sits down with Kate Gosselin for her most intimate interview to date. Morales, co-host and national correspondent for the TODAY show, interviews Gosselin and gets the real story behind the mother of eight.

TLC has also announced the current lineup for the series. The November JON & KATE PLUS EIGHT episodes will air as follows:

11/9:   Jon & Kate Plus Eight: Top Moments (9-10pm ET/PT)

11/16: Jon & Kate Plus Eight:  Gymnastics and Baseball (9-9:30 ET/PT)
Jon & Kate Plus Eight:  Never Before Seen (9:30-10pm ET/PT)

11/23: Jon & Kate Plus Eight: It’s a Crazy Life, But it’s Our Life (9-10pm ET/PT)


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Jon Gosselin is being sued by TLC…for locking them away from the kids……

You knew this was coming…….TLC is suing Jon because he has decided that he’s had enough with the channel filming his kids, right?….or did he stop because they x’d him out of the show, due to his off the air behavior with various females…while he’s still married to Kate?

Then there is the allegation from the babysitter that he had liaison with that Jon ‘hacked’ into Kate and his account, against the court order, and withdrew over a 100,000 dollars…….

Like I’ve said before …..this is a messy divorce……

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Is Jon and Kate Plus 8 over?…….nah!….not yet!

This is the latest today……..TLC is trying to get the last drop out the couple, and their children….

Kate Gosselin is being filmed solo ( what about the bodyguard? )……in additon, the cable channel will go back, and splice togther footage they had ‘in the can’ of their family…which should give them a few more shows……..

Finally……Kate is working on two projects of her own that most probably get her a show……and Jon is still under contract to TLC…….

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Jon shuts TLC down by locking them out……….

The people at TLC aren’t too smart…Why would they demote Jon from the marque…criticize the guy for his personal behavior (they’re right) in public…Then be  surprised when he locks their crew out the house when they show up to film……… WHAT WAS THEY THINKING!

Look, even though the guy has an apartment in New York he’s the parent who spend more time with kids , it appears to me…..Kate is all over the place on TV. This week Jon came out and admitted that his behavior wasn’t ‘G’ rated and said he’s reassessing his life style, and that he wanted to slow the divorce and spend some time talking to his wife (who still wants to proceed full speed with the divorce). Jon has also mentioned that all the camera’s and publicity now isn’t good for his kids, which I agree with. But the camera’s bring them money, lots of it, I hear.

I’m sure this is going to the lawyers, and this is turning into a bitter divorce case, in public…….But the people at TLC are working hard to kill the golden goose.

Jon and Kate need to spend some time together (without the camera’s, media and bodyguard), and work out the next moves in the lives…….do it for the kids…they deserve better………

Update…….Jon on Larry King………

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Breaking News!………Jon Gosselin wants his name back on the show…and wants his divorce put on hold?

Ah…what’s going on here?……..He’s being squeezed out of the headline, yep…..the moves have be decided on…..but he’s still got to get paid…he’s under contract…but the REAL interesting part is the divorce……

He’s quoted in this piece as admitting that his public behavior hasn’t been ‘G’ rated…and he seems to be trying toat least aprtly make up with his wife….but it seems thta Kate ain’t having this …..and has said that she wants to go full steam ahead with desolving their marrage..and that she knows nothing about his trying to make amends…….is thsi publity?…is this aguy trying to crall back?…is this a guy very confused?….in public?…..with eight kids?……oh, yea where’s the bodyguard?

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