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Ex-New York Giant Tiki Barber leaves wife and two kids for his traveling companion….

Tiki Barber's girlfriend, Traci Johnson, told her family that she was just babysitting for him.

And dig this….his wife is eight months pregnant …with twins…….

And Oh, yea NBC has cancelled one of his gigs……

He better get busy quick….Four kids is gonna cost him…….

Tiki Barber‘s 23-year-old girlfriend convinced her family she was baby-sitting for the ex-Giants star as their romance heated up and his marriage fell apart.

Blond beauty Traci Johnson‘s father and aunt both believed the former NBC intern was helping out – instead of hooking up with – the three-time All-Pro and father of two.

“That’s what [her dad] Ernest told me,” said Johnson family neighbor Bob Drabik.

Johnson’s aunt, who lives near her small hometown of Pine Bush in upstate Orange County, confirmed that family members believed the stunner was taking care of Barber’s children. But a source close to the Barbers called the baby-sitting tale “100% categorically untrue.”

What’s not disputed is that Barber – who turned 35 Wednesday – split from his eight months pregnant wife after 11 years in a move that came out of the Big Blue.


What is it with Baby sitters and Sports guys?

And dig this…His wife is carrying twins….. due in two months……..

Update from the New York Post with pictures of Barber and his estranged wife Ginny…..

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