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Jack with our new Alvin Greene/Jim Demint Update…..

Today Vic Rawl filed a formal protest which means the Democratic State Committee will hold a hearing

In my view Rawl doesnt believe that he can overturn the result but is tryinbg to smoke out where Greene got the ten grand to run from

There’s an interesting sidenote to all this that I havent seen mentioned

Most people havent paid attention but Jim DeMint actually had a primary opponent

Her name was Susan Gaddy, a Charleston Lawyer

Like Greene….. she did no campaigning

Republicans loudly denounced her candidacy noting she had supported Obama and was considered a Democrat

I’m wondering if some enterprising Republican decided to similarly screw with the Democrats with the Greene caper?

If Greene’s criminal charges go away….I’m sorry…I don’t see how he can be denied his position running against DeMint….

It is surprising for South Carolina Democrats….

But what can they legally do?

They also had to be asleep at the wheel to let this happen in the first place…..

DeMint seems to be the King in the race……

The Dog….

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X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle

The Air Force unmanned miniature shuttle spacecraft will stay in orbit for up to 270 days….

Doing it’s thing…….

Though the 11,000-pound vehicle–about 29 feet long, with a wingspan of just under 15 feet–is designed to stay in orbit for 270 days, the exact duration of its first flight hasn’t been revealed. Upon completing its first mission, the Boeing-built X-37B is due to touch down at Vandenberg Air Force Base in California……..


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NCAA Mens Basketball March Madness Championship Update……

+ Click on game links for box scores

March 18-19 March 20-21 March 25-26 March 27-28 April 3 April 5
1 Kansas
16 Lehigh Kansas 90-74
9 Northern Iowa UNI 69-66
8 UNLV UNI 69-67
5 Michigan St MSU 85-83
12 New Mexico St MSU 70-67
13 Houston Maryland 89-77
4 Maryland MIDWEST
3 Georgetown
14 Ohio Ohio 97-83
11 Tennessee Tennessee 62-59
6 San Diego St Tennessee 83-68
7 Oklahoma St Ohio St 75-66
10 Georgia Tech Ga Tech 64-59
15 Ohio St Ohio St 68-51
2 UCSB Indianapolis
1 Syracuse April 3-5
16 Vermont Syracuse 79-56
9 Florida St Gonzaga 67-60
8 Gonzaga Syracuse 87-65
5 Butler Butler 54-52
12 UTEP Butler 77-59
13 Murray St Murray St 66-65
4 Vanderbilt WEST Butler 63-59
3 Pittsburgh Kansas St 101-96
14 Oakland Pitt 89-66
11 Minnesota Xavier 65-54
6 Xavier Xavier 71-68
7 BYU Kansas St 84-72
10 Florida BYU 99-92
15 North Texas KSU 82-62
2 Kansas St
1 Kentucky
16 ETSU Kentucky 100-71
9 Texas Wake 81-80
8 Wake Forest Kentucky 90-60
5 Temple Cornell 87-69
12 Cornell Cornell 78-65
13 Wofford Wisconsin 53-49
4 Wisconsin Kentucky 62-45
3 New Mexico EAST WVU 69-56
14 Montana New Mexico 62-57
11 Washington Washington 80-78
6 Marquette Washington 82-64
7 Clemson WVU 68-59
10 Missouri Missouri 86-78
15 Morgan St WVU 77-50
2 West Virginia Indianapolis

1 Duke April 3-5
16 Winthrop / UAPB Duke 73-44
9 Louisville Cal 77-62
8 California Duke 68-53
5 Texas A&M Purdue 63-61
12 Utah St A&M 69-53
13 Siena Purdue 72-64
4 Purdue SOUTH Detroit, MI
3 Baylor
14 Sam Houston St Baylor 68-59
11 Old Dominion ODU 51-50
6 Notre Dame Baylor 76-68
7 Richmond SMC 75-68
10 St. Mary’s SMC 81-70
15 Robert Morris Villanova 73-70
2 Villanova


From CollegeHoopsnet.com…..

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SE…….on Bart Stupak….His Hero……Just Kidding!…Update SE wants you to send something to Stupak…..

Ok CSP Readers, Lets Mobilize for A Cause

Yesterday, Congressman Benedict Stupak voted for HCR, and the mass-slaughter of millions of unborn babies wth it. This pro-life-in-name-only Congressman pandered to us for months on this issue before sending this country up shit creek without a paddle. We are recognizing him today with an honorary position on the Congressional Hall of Shame. You, Mr. Stupak, should be ashamed of yourself. Now, I want to pass along a great idea that I came up with not too long ago. Lets all email him this picture and finish it off with this:

Dear Congressman Stupak,

I am very disappointed in your vote on Health Care Reform. By ignoring the will of the people, you have set yourself, the Democratic Party, and most importantly, your country, up for disaster. Shame on you. You have sent you country and millions of unborn babies up the creek without a paddle. I am supporting your opponent in November, whoever he or she may be.

With love,

(insert your name here)

So, can I count on you to do this? Please notify me of your decision in the comments. Congressman Stupak’s e-mail address is stupak@mail.house.gov


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Update on Kim Zolciak of the Real House Wives of Atlanta……

[ She’s straight…and Big Poppa isn’t divorced yet…..]

After her sexuality was questioned in the media, The Real Housewives of Atlanta’s Kim Zolciak wants to set the record straight, telling PEOPLE she’s “in a great place” with her as-yet-unnamed, still-not-divorced boyfriend, Big Poppa. Rumors that Zolciak was involved romantically with deejay Tracy Young kicked into high gear after Zolciak’s performance of her single, “Tardy for the Party,” at Atlanta club Gold Room Feb. 26. Throughout the evening, there was visible tension between her and Young, who was repeatedly rebuffed trying to enter the bathroom where Zolciak was preparing to take the stage. Was it a lovers’ quarrel? No, says Zolciak, who explains that she and Young had a disagreement over the performance: Young wanted her to sing a remix of the song, but Zolciak, who was sick that week, hadn’t properly rehearsed that version. As for a romantic relationship between the two, “All I’m going to say is that she is a great friend of mine, I adore her, and she’s so talented,” Zolciak tells PEOPLE.

Here, the Housewives star and mother of two daughters — Brielle, 13, and Ariana, 8 — talks about her relationship, a brand new song and wig line. –Blane Bachelor

So you’re officially with Big Poppa?
We’re doing great. He’s fantastic. It’s been so on and off in the last two years, but the entertainment industry is really difficult and takes a toll on relationships. People are so fascinated with any part that has to do with my personal life. And it’s just that. You want to talk about my kids, I’ll do it all day long. You want to talk about my wig line, I’ll do it all day long. But this stuff … it just really makes me laugh.

Is he divorced yet?
He’s not legally divorced yet, and I haven’t told anybody that, so there you have it. He doesn’t live with his family like people think.


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Kim from the Housewives of Atlanta update……

Well, sorta……seems that she is back with Big Poppa…….With a BIG ring!….Only thing is the guy isn’t officially divorced…oh well!……..

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