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Attorney General Eric Holder comes home to New York to check on Gitmo Trial operation….

Eric H. Holder Jr, the nations Attorney General. Traveled to New York City Wednesday to confer with most of the security bosses that will handle the upcoming trial of the 5 Gitmo terrorists…and to see the site for himself.

He visited the Metropolitan Correctional Center (Federal jail)…

He visited the United States Attorney’s Office  at 26 Federal Plaza ( the lawyers that will try the case)….

He visited the United States Federal Courthouse (the location of the trial)….

These three locations are no more that a mile from the World Trade Center, where a new One Trade Center  is rising from the pit……

Holder also held meetings with Local FBI director, Joe Demarest, U.S. Marshal’s boss Joseph Guccione, and Bureau of Federal Prisons personnel……

New York City Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly also spoke to the Attorney General, since the NYPD will responsible for the security movements of the suspects, and the general security of the entire area, along other local Law enforcement agencies……( Kelly is working on getting the city back the estimated $75 million it will cost to host the trial, which could last into the summer)

Holder is a native New Yorker, who grew up East Elmhurst, Queens, New York…..Across the East River from Manhattan….

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Burris, Corzine and Schumer………..

Well they are all democrats…..but that’s were it ends……..Roland Burris (D , IL) is thinking about changing his mind and running for re-election…..Jon Corzine, the New Jersey Governor is asking …….why won’t Christie answer his Freedom of Information requests on Christie’s actions and dealings as US Attorney in New Jersey?………and Chuck Schumer is on a roll……….Gillibrand, Sotomayor, Democratic senators elected, and the confirmation of the new US Attorney for the Southern District…….

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